Christmas Tree Stocking Holders

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DIY Stocking Holder Kids Craft

Stocking Holder Kid's Craft

Get the kids involved with your Christmas decor by letting them create their own stocking holders this year! Kids of all ages can create and decorate their own mini Christmas trees for your mantel. This fun craft can help any child get in the Christmas spirit.


What You Need:

How to Make Them:

Cut your skewers or dowels to about 2 inches plus the diameter of the base of your tree. Paint your beads and dowels. I would also recommend painting your cone as well if you have a paint color that matches your felt.

Measure Felt

Measure and cut your felt into strips. I used three 2 inch strips, two 1 inch strips, two 1/2 inch strips, and one 3 inch strip.


Cut a fringe up to about 1/2 inch from the end on all your strips but one of the 2 inch strips.

Felt Strip

Glue your solid strip to the base of the cone. You may need to cut a few little slits in the felt every once in a while so that the piece will lay flat.

Glue Fringed Felt

Glue your 3 inch fringed piece so that the edge of the slit touches the top of your first strip. Wrap your strip in a spiral until you reach the end. Continue with this pattern, using smaller and smaller strips as you get closer to the top. Let dry.

Glue Ornaments

Glue on your pom poms or embellishments. Let Dry.


Use an awl or a craft knife to create a hole for your dowel about 1/4 inch from the base of the cone.

Glue Skewer

Stick your dowel into the cone and glue the end to the other side. I would also glue around the hole on the inside. Glue your bead or wood shape to the other end of the dowel and let dry. This is the point where I would add any more weight to the tree that you need. You can either fill up the cone with an air dry clay or glue a few heavy things to the inside base like some pennies.

Christmas Tree Stocking Holder

Place your tree on the mantel and hang your stocking on the dowel!

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