Harvest Vase

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Create a harvest vase to hold pretty fall flowers

I made this vase for a very special event. It looks beautiful and is perfect for late summer through the last of the harvest holidays. I wanted to keep the look simple country, but with different flowers in the arrangement the possibilities are endless for looks.

DIY Harvest Vase


Start by placing the flower arrangement topper on the smaller jar. Place the small jar into the large jar. Cover the inside small jar so no corn falls into it. Dump in the corn into the jar. Fill in the space between the 2 jars. Once that space is filled, carefully remove the cover of the inside jar. Before adding flowers, fill the small inside-jar half way with water to keep the cut flowers fresh.


Add the fresh cut flowers and wheat. When the flowers start to fade remove and replace with new ones.

By adding the inside jar, the fresh flowers can have water, if you don’t use an inside jar the flowers cannot have water or the corn will mold.


Harvest Vase for Fall Arranging

A big word of advice – make this outdoors!!!



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