Beachy Eye-Spy

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Keep the kids occupied on the way home from your beach vacation with a recycled eye-spy game!

While on vacation at the beach this summer, we drank a lot of water in bottles. We filled the empty bottles with sand to bring home. We also collected little things from the beach such as feathers, drift wood, shells and pebbles. Then we picked up some trinkets from the shops around the island. On night at the beach house we created a little eye-spy game in the bottle for the kids to have a new activity for the ride home. A fun way to remember the trip and create a fun toy.

beach 1


beach 2

Start by drying the bottle completely. Once it is dry, fill it with the trinkets and small items.

beach 3

Next, fill the bottle 2/3 full with sand. Use the glue to secure the lid tight so when little hands turn the bottle over and upside down to find the different objects the lid will stay in place and the sand will not spill.

beach 4

I glued a shell to the top as well.

I wrote a list of the items I placed in the bottle, so I can call out items for the little one to find. She can then turn the bottle all around to move the sand and expose the different items inside.

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