Stamp Collector Bookmark

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Collect Stamps all together to create this fun bookmark!

Have you ever received a piece of “snail mail” and found yourself enamored with the postage stamp attached to the envelope?  It always seems a shame to me to toss the little works of art away, and I find myself stashing the especially pretty ones in my paper scrap drawer to be used in my crafting.  This little project is a fun way to showcase beautiful stamps on a useful little bookmark.  So, start squirreling away those pretty stamps that come on birthday cards or other “snail mail,” and make yourself a neat bookmark.

stamp 21

stamp 34

Here are the items you’ll need to make your own stamp bookmark:

stamp 4

The first thing you’ll want to do is cut your stamps off of their envelopes.  I like to leave a very small border (1/16″) of paper around the edge of the stamps so the zig-zag edge of the stamp stays intact.

picture 5

Once you have all your stamps cut out, pick out your widest stamp, and we will use it to determine the final width of your bookmark.  Turn your piece of scrapbook paper over so the blank backside is facing up.  Along one edge, using your widest stamp, ruler, and pencil, determine how wide your bookmark needs to be to accommodate that stamp, and draw a line.

stamp 65

Move the stamp, and fold along the line, so it is now on the inside of your bookmark.  We’re making it so your bookmark is two layers of paper thick, and the pretty paper is on both sides.  Open your fold, and then glue it shut.  When it is dry, cut along the edge to free the double sided strip you just glued.

stamp 7


stamp 8

Take the strip of paper you just made, and glue your stamps onto it, centering them along the strip.  Cut off any excess paper, so the bookmark is the length you desire.  Let dry thoroughly.

stamp 9

Next we’re going to “laminate” the bookmark with clear packing tape to protect it.  Cut a length of packing tape that is several inches longer than your bookmark.  Lay the tape strip sticky side up on your work surface, and carefully lay the bookmark onto the tape.  Rather than trying to lay the whole bookmark onto the tape at once, I prefer to start at one end of the bookmark, and slowly press it down onto the tape as I move up.  Work slowly to try and avoid air bubbles.

stamp 10

Cut another length of tape, and carefully “laminate” the other side of your bookmark by slowly smoothing the tape onto the bookmark, once again starting at one end and working up.   Use your scissors to cut off the excess tape around your bookmark,  leaving 1/8″ clear tape border around the whole bookmark.  If you cut right up to the edge of the paper bookmark, you may expose the paper, and your bookmark won’t be as protected.


Using your hole punch, punch a hole in the top of your bookmark, and thread the ribbon through as shown above.



Now, get reading, and enjoy your new bookmark!

Happy crafting!

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