Free Stuff Friday Winner!!

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It’s Monday again, and we get to brighten someone’s day. Congratulations to… RJ! Enjoy crafting with these 3 wonderful books!


Our lucking winner will have so much fun crafting away with Painting with Mixed Media by Paula Guhin and Geri Greenman, Artful Collage from Found Objects by Ellen Spector Platt, and Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style by Ton Merete Stenklov and Miriam Nilsen Morken.

The winning answer to “What’s your favorite crafting medium?” is…

“Well, it is SO hard to choose, on one hand I love the feel and colors of fabrics- the texture of yarns and wools, any kind of textiles really. But I also love the precision and order of origami and the freedom of painting. My absolute favorite however, would have to be beading- it kind of ties in all of these things- I especially like free-form peyote stitch with different sizes of beads in colors that are just stunning. Even in whites and ecrus, some of them are just so rich in color and depth.”

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week.  Check back on Friday for your chance to win!!

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One thought on “Free Stuff Friday Winner!!

  1. RJ Gosnell

    Thank you! It was such a delightful surprise to come to the site, see “RJ” and (wondering if it was me), rushed to my email to find out I won!

    Thank you for making my day! I am so excited about starting my Christmas presents!

    Thank you again and again and again!

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