Sweet Watermelon Banner

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Watermelon Banner for your summer decor! Make with the kids!

This sweet summer banner is a perfect summertime decoration, and an easy and fun project to do with your little ones.  My three-year-olds love to make crafts, and this project was a big hit at our house!  We each made our own watermelon, and then hung them together to make a complete banner.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


The first step to making a watermelon is to paint eight of your sticks pink.  You can use pink acrylic, or like us, you can practice mixing colors by stirring together red and white paint to make the perfect shade of “watermelon pink.”  If you’re three,  color mixing will a be a long, laborious process that involves tons of stir, stir, stir, stirring your paint until it is just “perfect.”


Then you’ll need to paint your three remaining sticks green to make the watermelon rind.  We painted ours dark green, and then I added light green stripes to mine.  The kids opted, instead of making stripes,  to just stir, stir, stir, stir their light green and dark green together, and that worked too.


When the paint on your sticks is good and dry, you’re ready to glue them together.  Begin by lining up your pink sticks vertically side-by-side.  Then, after placing a dot of white glue on the bottom of each pink stick, carefully lay a green stick horizontally across.  Press firmly to make sure that each pink stick is adhering to the green stick, as it is what is going to hold the pink part of your watermelon together.


Next, glue one of the remaining green sticks onto the left side of the watermelon by placing a dot of glue on the left end of the horizontal green stick you first glued, and then by running a small bead of glue up the pink stick on the end.  Place the green stick onto the glue so it is not just straight up and down, but angled out slightly, so the shape looks more like a slice of watermelon, rather than just a rectangle.  Glue the remaining green stick onto the right side, in the same manner.


To finish your watermelon, glue some black beads onto the pink part to be your watermelon’s seeds.  Then, glue your letters onto your watermelon.  To finish your banner, use a hot glue gun to glue a ribbon along the back, top edge of your watermelon(s).  We embellished our banner with a couple of bumblebee buttons we found in our button jar, and some tiny clothes pins.

Hang up your watermelon banner, and savor the sweet success of a project well done!

Happy crafting!

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