Craft Show Background Ideas

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I received an email from Polly last week that sounded like a really fun challenge and a great post to share! Here it is:

Help!  Any ideas for a background to display lighted crafts at a craft show?

Now, I’m assuming that the biggest issue you are facing comes from ugly cords showing when you display your crafts. Depending on the type of craft you’re displaying, (whether it’s hung, or a small item on a surface), you’re going to need some different things. The first thing that came to mind for me was a pegboard like this one:

Pegboard Ideas - Design Files

Open HouseDesign Files

It’s a very easy material to work with and allows you to attach hangers or shelves, depending on what you need. If the peg holes are too small to slip the cord through, just drill a bigger hole and you’re good to go! You can also decorate your peg board with some yarn in a cross stitch pattern.


You could also hide your cords by attaching them to a lattice like this:

Booth Ideas for a Craft Show - Booth Kitchen Pic

Booth Ideas for Craft ShowsBooth Kitchen Pic

Hang your projects directly from the lattice, or set up some shelves in front of it. You can paint it whatever color you like, and put some black fabric or paper behind it to make your lighted crafts pop!

If you want to go a little more rustic, run to a local grocery store or shipping plant and ask if they have a few extra pallets you can take. Connect them together with a few screws and you’re good to go!

Pallet Wall - If I Weren't so Lazy

Pallet WallIf I Weren’t So Lazy

You can easily slip the cords behind the slats to get them out of sight. This would be really cool painted with chalkboard paint to give you a nice dark background and a unique way to display your prices!

My final idea is perfect if you need something that can easily be transported in a small space. I think this would work best for hanging items, and would need to have some sort of wall or surface to hang your items on behind the background

Create a shabby chic photo backdrop for summer photo shoots! Tutorial at

Shabby Chic Backdrop

You can use vintage sheets in whatever color matches your booth. The strips can be pushed in any direction to hide your cords while letting your crafts shine.

I hope one of these ideas works out for you, Polly! Do you have any suggestions? Give us a comment, we’d love to hear what you think!

If you have a craft question, I would love to find an answer! Send an email to!


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