Roses are Red, White and Blue Tea Light Candle Holder

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Show your happiness or spirit with this rose topped tea light candle holder.  Create them for a party, wedding, anniversary or any occasion to light up the fun time.  Use them along a walkway or as a table decoration.  Reuse them for more than one occasion since they are made to use with a battery operated tea light candle.

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Begin by cutting a 6 5/8” x 11” piece of cardstock (blue was used for the red, white and blue theme here) with a paper trimmer.

Score the cardstock lengthwise at 2 5/8” using a scoring board.


Turn the cardstock horizontally and score at 2 5/8”, 5 ¼”, 7 7/8” and 10 ½”.


Trim the cardstock with the paper trimmer or a pair of scissors to remove the bottom portion of the ½” flap on the right to create the tab.  Also, cut up each score line to the 2 5/8” line as shown.


Fold all of the score lines and then unfold them to give them a crisp fold.  Fold the end pieces towards the center over the top of the two center flaps as shown in the picture.  Place the die (Labels Four by Spellbinders shown here) on the first panel and add a little tape to hold it.  Make sure it is taped in the center of the die because this will be the section that is removed.   Run it through a die cut machine.

Next, fold one of the cut flaps over the top of the uncut ones and attach the die and run it through the machine again.

You should now have 4 panels with windows cut into them.


Depending on the shape and size of the die that you have chosen, the tab may show through the windows.  An easy fix to this, is to trim off a little of the tab so that it will not show.



Begin by adding tape, using a tape runner, to the inside of the tab and to the bottom of the first panel and fold them inwards as shown in the first 2 pictures.  Fold the bottom flap (shown in the second picture) up and attach it to the tape.  Add tape to the third panel flap and fold it up and adhere it.  Continue these steps until all of the pieces are attached and you have a box shape.  Set this piece aside.



Now create the top by cutting a piece of cardstock that measures 4 ¼” square.  Score each side at 3 ½” and then using a pair of scissors cut up to the score lines, but not over them on 2 of the sides as shown.  Add some tab to the newly created tabs and fold each piece on the score lines, adhering the tabs to the inside of the lid.


For the rose, the Thinlits Rose Die by Sizzix will be used and you will need to cut the following pieces to create 1 rose:

1 Rose Center, 6 to 8 small petals, 6 to 8 medium petals and 6 to 8 large petals.  These will be cut from the color of cardstock of your choice (red was used here for the red, white and blue theme).

You will also need to cut from green cardstock 1 calyx and 3 to 5 leaves.

All pieces need to be cut using a die cut machine.


First lay 2 of the small petals aside for later.  Next, using a large diameter ball tool work the calyx so that it curls up slightly using a small, circular motion as shown in the first picture.  Lay it aside.  Curl all of the petals except for the two that were laid aside using the same circular motion used on the calyx.  Do this to both sides of the petals.  Once that is done, use a pair of tweezers to slightly curl the edges downward as shown in the third picture.    Use a small diameter ball tool and run it down the center of each leaf and then create lines that go from the center line out to the edge.  This will give the leaf the vein look and slightly shape it.


Now, take the rose center piece and use a ball tool on it to form it.  Then, use the pair of tweezers and roll it up as shown.  Add some glue (Aleene’s used) to the edge (shown in the second picture) and attach it to the piece.  Once this step is finished, you should have a piece that looks like the third picture.


Begin building the rose by adding a small amount of glue to each of the large petals and placing them inside the calyx as shown.  Make sure to do one layer and then overlap the next layer to close the open spaces.


Add glue to the bottom of the rose center and place it in the center.  Now, take the 2 petals that you originally laid aside and curl them as you previously did with the others.  Use the tweezers to curl them up on each edge.  Place them on opposite sides of the rose center.


Continue to add the petals working from the center to the outer petals until the rose is complete.  Once you have added all of the petals, you can set it inside one of the sides of the tea light holder to dry or sit it inside an empty egg carton.  This will help the rose to dry slightly pushed together to hold its shape.

Once the rose has dried, take some of the leaves and use them to fill in some of the open areas on the back.  The easiest way to see where they are needed is to look at the rose from above.

Add the rose to the top of the tea light holder and place the light inside.  Create a little elegance for your next party using these gorgeous Roses are Red, White and Blue Tea Light Candle Holders.  Place them on a table or line an entrance to guide the guests in.  No matter how you use them, they will surely bring a touch of beauty to the occasion.

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