Camera Lens Wrap

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY Camera Lens Wrap

Protect those expensive camera lenses with these cute wraps. They use old neck ties filled with polyfil quilt batting to make the ties soft. I used old silk ties found at the second hand store. The silk is so soft and the lens can be stuffed into a bag for travel and I have peace of mind that they will be protected. These would make great gifts for all the Camera Bugs in your life.

DIY Camera Lens Wrap from an Old Tie


Old Tie

Wrap and Cut

Start by measuring around the outside of the lens. Wrap the tie around the lens the whole way with the point is overlapping; trim off the excess of the tie.


Turn the tie over so the backside is up and snip the strings that tack the tie together.

Add Batting

Open up the back and cut a piece of batting. Fold the tie back up and tack it back together with glue.

Stitch Cut End

Stitch the cut end together with a sewing machine. Wrap it around the lens to mark where to attach the Velcro so it holds the wrap in place.

Camera Lens Wrap

Secure the Velcro with glue and let dry.

Old Tie to Camera Lens Wrap


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