Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

DIY Hobnail Milk Glass Vase - Brave New Home

DIY Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

I once had a white hobnail milk glass vase but it broke.  I’ve missed having one so much that I looked to see what I already had on hand to recreate one.

materials for milk glass hobnail vase

I used a glass vase, left over puffy paint and some white spray paint.  Since I wanted big dots, I cut the nozzle of the puffy paint off so the paint could come out faster.  If you’ve never used puffy paint before, I suggest trying it out on some paper to get a feel for it before starting on your vase.

making puffy paint dots on vase

rotating vase to let it fully dry

Do one area of your vase, let it dry, rotate, then start on another area.  If your paint runs, let it dry completely and then simply peel it off.  This project took me a little over a week as I let each area of my vase dry for at least a few days.  I propped my vase up in a spoon holder draped with a washcloth to prevent sticking.

 spray painting vase white

boquet of flowers in hobnail milk glass vase

After my vase was completely dry, I applied a few coats of white spray paint.  Since the puffy paint is three dimensional, be sure to rotate your vase so that you apply spray paint from each side and evenly.

hobnail milk glass vase with sunflower

I love having an opaque vase.  I always have the hardest time cleaning vases and I’m always reluctant to use cleaning products on a surface I know will come in contact with live plants.  This is a perfect solution and it looks great, too!

Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

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3 thoughts on “Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

  1. carolyn

    Very cute, but where I live, you can purchase these old vases for a steal at garage sales and thrift stores.

  2. Cindy

    great idea, I’m thinking now of using the puffy paint for other dimensional designs on glass vases (I’m a florist, so we’re always looking for fun ways to spruce up plain vases!) thanks for sharing!

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