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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

1 - DIY Chalkboard House Clock - Brave New Home copy

2 - disassembled quartz clock movement

All you need for this project is a clock movement, some foam core, chalkboard paint, and some wire.

3 - drawing a clock pattern

I drew a house pattern on some foam core board keeping in the radius of the second hand. 

4 - cutting out the clock shape

Then I cut out the  house pattern.

5 - applying two coats of chalkboard paint

Next, I applied two coats of chalk board paint, letting each coat dry fully before applying the next.

6 - drilling a hole in foam board

Once the paint had dried, I drilled a hole through the foam board and painted it. 

7 - conditioning the clock with chalk

Then, I conditioned the house cutout with chalk and rubbed it in with a towel.  I repeated this process twice. 

8 - How to Assemble Quartz Clock Movement - Brave New Home

9 - creating a hook from wire to hang clock

I assembled the clock through the hole and bent and hot glued some wire to the back of the clock to be able to hang it on the wall.

10 - closeup of clock hands

11 - closeup chalkboard house clock

I like the look of not having numbers on the face of the clock but one of the beauties of using chalk paint is that you could easily experiment with drawing in numbers and wipe it down when you’re ready to change looks.

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