Leather Fringe Keychain

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY Leather Fringe Keychain

Father’s Day is coming up and kids always love making gifts for their parents. This is a great craft that could work for either parent. It looks fancy but is really easy to make. Make a long fringe to adorn Mom’s purse, short fringe for Dad’s keychain.


Start by cutting a long piece of leather and fold it in half. I trimmed the leather down at the fold to only be ½” where it folded over the keychain, but it was as wide as 2” where I cut the fringe.

Cut Leather

Next cut a second length of leather about 1” x 2”. Glue one end to the fringe piece at the top right below the key ring. Wrap the leather tightly around and glue the other end. Trim off any access leather.

Fringe Leather


Once the glue is set, use the scissors to cut fringe into the 2 flaps of leather. My fringe was about ¼” wide each.

Leather Fringe Keychain

I left the length long and attached a swivel clip to the key ring.

DIY Leather Fringe Keychain

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