Sewing Machine Accessories

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When I was growing up, I spent part of my summers each year at my grandmother’s house where she taught me how to sew. I spent hours in her sewing room learning to press seams, turn hems, baste, rip out, add buttons. Her sewing room was a well organized space, simple, but with everything she needed within arms reach. Once of these days I’d like to have a similar space for my machine so I’ve been busy collecting ideas to help make it into a place of beauty, organization and function. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

Sewing Thread Holder - The Creative Homemaker

Sewing Thread HolderThe Creative Homemaker

My sewing machine (ahem, one of my machines, I have four, but mainly use one) is a vintage singer and while it runs like a top, I dread filling the bobbin a little, so one of these days I’ll invest in a bobbin winding machine and have a rack like this to hold thread and matching filled bobbins. Plus it will keep me from buying yet another spool of the same yellow thread since I’ll know exactly what I have at a glance!

Power Cord Ideas - Sew Many Ways

Power Cord IdeasSew Many Ways

When I was younger, I tried to avoid pressing my seams while sewing because I was too lazy to get out my ironing board. I learned my lesson, though, with too many lumpy seams and crooked hems and now the first thing I do when I set out to sew is to set up the iron and board. While it works fine as is, this foot button for turning on and off the iron would make life so much easier and save energy in the process.

Magnetic Pin Dishes - Honest to Nod

Magnetic Pin DishesHonest to Nod

I’m terrible, TERRIBLE, about keeping pins in my pincushion as I work and I always end up finding them rolling around the table and on the floor when a project is done so this could be a lifesaver for me. While it looks like an ordinary (although very pretty) bowl, the secret lies in the hidden magnets on the bottom side which grab the pins and keep them in place. So smart!

Magnetic Sewing Room Catch-all - Going Home to Roost

Magnetic Sewing Room Catch allGoing Home to Roost

And speaking of keeping things in their place, how about this for organization! A magnet strip! So smart! Such a great way to corral scissors, pins, clips and even bobbins if your machine takes the metal ones! The floral fabric wrapping just makes it that much nicer for a sewing space as well. Brilliant!

What accessories do you have to help with your sewing hobbies? Send us your tips, we’d love to see them! And check out these and other Sewing Machine Accessory ideas on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

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One thought on “Sewing Machine Accessories

  1. Ruby Perez

    I teach sewing once a week at the Boys & girls club. The “magnetic pin” dish is just what I needed. Every month I am buying pins. Keep the Ideas coming.

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