Behind the Door Book Storage

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home

Behind the Door Book Storage - Brave New Home

two acrylic bookshelves of books

The space behind the door is often overlooked in terms of function and style but it doesn’t have to be!

2 - unused wall behind child rooms door

3 - installing acrylic shelves

In my son’s room, I created some floating acrylic shelves.  I installed the shelves at his height so he’s able to browse, retrieve and return the books all on his own.

4 - adding art above book shelves

5 - acrylic bookshelves with paintings

Since I don’t know the overall direction of his room just yet, I wanted some temporary art so I painted some mountain-scapes on a separate sheet of paper.  Then I used washi tape to tape them onto the canvas rather than painting on the canvases directly.

6 - pair of mountains art

7 - mountain art mounted with washi tape
The shelves are holding up great to the weight of the books and a set of rough little hands.  My son’s entire book collection doesn’t fit in this set of two bookshelves alone so I’ve been swapping them in and out periodically.

 finished shelves behind door

Previously, when we had our books in a standard bookcase, books would wind up all over the floor when the little one went in search for a new book to read.  This new system is working out for us much better!

utilizing the space behind a door


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