Washi Hearts: DIY Thumbtacks

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By General Crafts Contributor Monica from the blog Mon Makes Things.

Washi Tape Heart Pins

I tend to over think things. Anybody else have that problem? Sometimes I make projects super complicated and challenging and it seems like I add a zillion steps that are probably unnecessary. But once in a while I manage to make a simple craft. Like, really simple. Like so simple that I think, “I can’t post this, it’s too simple, it’d be silly.” But you know what? I like when bloggers post simple projects that I could finish in a single episode of television. So friends, this is one of those projects. And it’s still suuper cute!

Washi Heart Pins

Stuff You’ll Need: Washi Tape in various patterns, thumbtacks (the flat metal kind), wooden hearts, E6000 glue

This is another project based on my ol’ pal washi tape. I can’t get enough of the stuff, it adds instant cuteness to everything you stick it on. The day the washi tape fad passes (we’re not there yet, right?!) will be a sad day in my craft room.

Washi Tape Heart Tacks

Washi Tape Hearts

YES, this project really is as simple as it looks. YES, the backs of the hearts may look messy, buttttt you can only see the backs if you turn them over! So who cares?! Okay, if you care, you could glue a piece of cardstock or felt to the back to cover the tape ends. But let the record show that I kept this project super simple. ;)

1. For each heart, tear off 2 – 3 strips of tape in lengths long enough to cover the heart from top to bottom and fold over onto the back. (You’ll want about an inch or more longer than the heart itself, you need plenty of tape to fold over for it to stick.)

2. Stick your tape neatly onto the hearts, folding the ends and sides onto the edges and backsides of the wood. If you have excess tape on the back, rip some off as you see fit.

3. Glue your thumbtacks to the backsides of the hearts using your E6000 glue and let dry before using. (As you’ll be pushing and pulling these out of cork board, I’d wait at least 24 hours to be sure the glue is really set.)

Washi Tape Heart Pin Thumbtacks

Pretty, right?! I initially made these for a baby shower photo board, but now I’m using them in my craft room — you know, for my real life version of Pinterest. ;) I love how sweet they are, and how customizable! Plus, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but they were SUPER SIMPLE to make. Happy crafting!


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