Helpful Craft Tips for National Craft Month

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By Crafts-a lot Contributor, Mable who is an avid reader of craft blogs & magazines and is always looking to improve her crafting skills. Join Mable on Facebook to socialize and share with other crafters!

March is National Craft Month, and in celebration we’d love to make your crafty lives a little easier. There are so many wonderfully easy craft tips out there to help avoid frustration and make your crafting experience even more enjoyable. Check out some of these ideas to help save you time, energy, and keep you sane through your crafting. If you have any craft tips, don’t forget to enter our National Craft Month Drawing. Your tip could win you a $100 CreateForLess Shopping Spree!

Store Embroidery Floss on Clothespins and other Craft Tips

Store embroidery floss on a clothespin. It’s easier to find the end and it looks pretty set out in a bowl.

I use CD cases with magnetic sheets to store spellbinders dies – Peggy M. from Brandon, SD

Punch through aluminum foil to sharpen dull punches. Lubricate them by punching through wax paper.

Put the last bit of glue in a bowl of warm water to help it flow better

Store your glue upside down in a disposable cup as you’re using it to help it flow more freely. If you’re down to the last little bit, warm it up in a container of warm water to help it flow better.

Before washing that new piece of fabric, pink the edges, just slightly. This will greatly reduce the loss of inches in the unraveling of the cross grain threads during the wash! It really works! – Judy A. from Childersburg, AL

Use the space behind a door to hang rolls of paper, stabilizer, fusible web. Mount hooks horizontally behind the door then hang dowels on the hooks. You’ll have a great ‘invisible’ storage system that doesn’t take up any room! – Dawn P. from San Antonio, TX

Create a fine tip for a glue bottle with tape

Create a fine tip for your glue bottle by wrapping tape around the tip.

Relax circular knitting needles in a bowl of warm water if they’re twisted funny.

Don’t store craft supplies in direct sun, the sun will bleach out colors – Sheri H. from Bumpus Mills, TN

Use an alcohol sanitizing wipe to clean glass and metal

Clean glass and metal before painting it with an alcohol sanitizing wipe. Much easier than putting rubbing alcohol on a cloth.

Put foil under your ironing board to help it heat up and distribute the heat more evenly.

Anything is possible. Just set your mind to it and you can do it. I have had many people over the years tell me they can’t be crafty, You CAN you ALWAYS CAN!!! 🙂 – Jaime O.

Try out these wonderful craft tips and share your own!



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About Mable Craftsalot

The name says it all! Mable Crafts-alot is an avid reader of craft blogs & magazines and has aspirations to improve her crafting skills. Mable has never met a craft she didn’t like! Mable spends her free time attending craft classes at local community centers, and even teaches a few. When she is not crafting she enjoys cooking, reading, photography and gardening. Mable loves to connect with other crafters to share project ideas, discuss craft trends and chat about favorite crafting tools and techniques. To learn more about Mable, become her friend on Facebook!

One thought on “Helpful Craft Tips for National Craft Month

  1. Judy King

    Mable, I love crafting too but stay mainly with scrapbooking. I work on 3 albums at a time and that keeps me pretty busy. My daughter and I recently made wreaths with the wire wreath forms and the netting. They turned out fantastic and look so pretty on our front doors. I would like to work with chalk paint and hope to take a class one of these days. Keep up the crafting girl. Have a good day.

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