Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Chinese New Year! It’s also time to celebrate another Free Stuff Friday! Today’s lucky winner will receive a sticker grab bag!


If you love stickers then this is prize is for you.  Each grab bag has a different assortment of at least 14 different packages of stickers or embellishments.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What is your favorite homemade meal?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”

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41 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Millie

    Chicken soup! It’s a great comfort food and always reminds me of my mom. Easy to make and makes everyone think of home =)

  2. L.r. Smith

    I would LOVE to win this.. (I seriously need those blue*ish* clouds there peakin’ out of the bag.. LOVE THOSE!) And my most favoritest meal to make is my OWN HOMEMADE SPEGHETTI SAUCE that I invented/came up with starting when I was about 14 yrs old.. I am serious.. My kids’ love it, 98% of their friends like it (only 2 don’t cause they don’t like hot/spicey food.. lol) But it’s not your average sauce..

  3. Jean Snider

    I love goulaush. I start with the basic macaroni, hamburger and tomatoes every time, but vary other ingredients, depending on what I find in the pantry or the refrigerator, so it is rarely the same any 2 times.

  4. Aileen Lopez

    My best home made meal would be rice & Chicken and some homemade beans. We use a condiment called “sofrito” which helps bring out the flavor in this plate.

  5. Marissa McConnell

    There’s SO many…I think I might have to go with my mom’s Salmon pie. She’s a master crust-maker 🙂

  6. Amber S

    My favorite homemade meal is Swiss Chicken- chicken breast topped with cheese and homemade cream soup, then sprinkled with bread cubes and seasonings. Easy and delicious!

  7. Janis in ID

    Yep….LOVE stickers. But not for supper….well, maybe potstickers! 🙂

    Fave home-cooked meal? Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and steamed broccoli. Yum!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  8. Linda on the Prairie

    Carnitas! Pork tenderloin slowly braised in citrus juice with spices, onions, and mild green chiles until it falls apart, served with shredded cabbage, corn tortillas, garnished with a dab of sour cream, a dash of freshly cut cilantro from my garden, and a squeeze of lime!

  9. kim Gesumaria

    My favorite home cooked meal is baked macaroni & cheese with a bread-crumb topping, and while its baking I can craft the time away!

  10. Jayne R.

    My favorite meal is my grandma’s pot roast. I miss her so very much and when I make the pot roast I feel as though she is up there in heaven smiling down at us.

  11. Sue Stanford

    My favorite homemade meal is butternut squash soup. It only takes a few ingredients but on these cold days it sure warms you up.

  12. Gail Gill

    My favorite homemade food is spaghetti, followed by my second favorite homemade food, leftover spaghetti

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