Snowman Snow Gauge

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Snowman Snow Gauge

Last year, every time it snowed the girls wanted to go out and see how much more snow we got. Although I am very much hoping that we don’t get anywhere near the amount of snow we got last year, I decided to make these snowman snow gauges so that it will be even more fun to go out and measure the snow.

My little one is very much into painting right now (she wants to paint everything!) so I let her paint both sticks.  My oldest didn’t mind since she got to decorate them.  Since we had gotten snow the night before we made these, the girls got a little impatient about finishing them up so we could go out and see how much snow we got.  I highly recommend making these before it snows if you can.

We used another ruler to mark each stick with the inch marks after the paint was dry.  This proved to be very accurate and both gauges showed that we had gotten 4 inches of snow overnight, and when we used the ruler it showed the same.

If we end up getting a lot more snow like last year, the yard stick will probably prove to be more useful because it will measure a couple feet of snow.  Our smaller stick only measures up to 8 inches, but was perfect for our 4 inch snow fall.  Depending where you live one may be more useful than the other, but here in Kansas we really need both because we can have years where we don’t get more than the 4 inches and other years where we need to measure in feet.




Paint your sticks white.  You might need 2 or three coats of paint to really cover the sticks.

Hat Template

Print out your hat template and then trace it and cut it out of a piece of black felt.


Use another ruler to mark the inch measurements on each stick.

Glue Snowman

Use your glue gun to glue on your eyes, nose, scarf, and buttons.

Draw Mouth

Use a black marker to draw the mouth and an orange one to draw the nose.

DIY Snowman Snow Gauges

The girls with the two snowman snow gauges they made

Snowman Snow Gauges

This is a shot of the large one made with the Yard Stick.  When we get more snow, this one will be great!

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