Linen Lined Jewelry Box

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

DIY Linen Lined Jewely Box

I bought this jewelry box but found it a bit too precious to use.  So I lined the bottom with some linen and have enjoyed using the jewelry box ever since!

1.5 - materials for linen lined jewelry box

2- tracing cardboard inserts

3 - cardboard inserts

After I got my materials together, I traced the bottoms of each level of the jewelry box on a thin but sturdy cardboard.  Since you’ll be using mod podge, you’ll want to choose a cardboard that can hold up to the moisture.

4 - cut out linen

5 - wrapping cardboard with linen
Then I cut some linen leaving about half an inch on each side and tapering the corners.

6 - carboard fully covered with linen

I covered the cardboard with mod podge, flipped it over, and mod podged the back flaps.

7 - straightening out cardboard

After the linen and mod podge had mostly dried out, I laid it under a board so it would dry flat.  I used some paper in between the linen cardboard and board to avoid sticking.

8 - poster putty to secure cardboard insert

Next, I used some poster putty to secure the linen cutout inside the jewelry box.

Linen Lined Jewelry Box

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