Faux Antlers

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

DIY Faux Antlers for an unexpected wall hanging. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

I created a mood board for our bathroom and one of my inspiration images contained a pair of antlers.  I’ve never really considered decorating with them but I thought I’d give it a try since I knew I could whip some up for next to nothing.

2 - faux antler materials

3 - spray painting wood disc

4 - drilling holes for antlers
The only thing I went out and bought for this project was a wood placard– everything else I already had on hand!  I started by spray painting the wooden placard black.  Then I tried out one of my new drill bits to expose some of the wood for my faux antlers to adhere to.

5 - using sticks for antler frame

6 - applying clay over wood

7 - smoothing clay over

I hot glue gunned some branches to my placard then built them up simply using masking tape to add smaller branches.  After I achieved my desired shape, I covered them with clay.  I went back with water to fine tune the shape after the branches were covered.

8 - painting clay antlers

9 - gluing antlers to wood disc

10 - antler closeup

By now the placard was a mess.  I let the clay dry over two nights and by then the clay had separated from the placard so I popped them off and gave the placard another coat of spray paint.  Then I used acrylic paints to paint the antlers.  I used hot glue and wood glue to secure the painted antlers in place.

DIY bathroom art - faux antlers from ThinkCrafts.com

It’s a bit offbeat but I’m pretty pleased with my little pair of antler alternatives in my bathroom of all places!

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2 Responses
  1. Virginia in TX :

    Date: August 17, 2013 @ 3:21 PM

    a great way to not feel guilty about a “babmi” in my house thanks for the tut

  2. Jennifer :

    Date: October 7, 2013 @ 8:28 AM


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