Martha Stewart’s New Jewelry Line

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Trying out Martha Stewart's New Jewelry Line

I recently had the chance to try out the latest from Martha Stewart Crafts – her new jewelry line. I don’t think I’ve ever seen jewelry making supplies quite like these. My two favorites were the enamel and the jewelry glaze. They each add color to your charms and other things to create a piece that is uniquely yours.

Jewelry Glaze

Martha Stewart Jewelry Glaze

Glazed Leaf

The first thing on my list to try out was the jewelry glaze. It comes in so many wonderful colors, it was hard to figure out where to start. I tried out the glaze first on one of the leaf charms given to me. It had an absolutely beautiful texture that was really highlighted by the rust colored glaze I brushed onto it. I discovered that you can add a lot of dimension to the pieces by gently wiping the glaze off with a paper towel. It stays in the crevices of the piece and looks really natural. I don’t recommend this to try and change the color of your piece. I tried this out just to see and the piece ends up looking very flat, and you can see brush strokes. I found that thin layers work best.

Sea Green Martha Stewart Jewelry Glaze on Copper Chain

After I tried this out on a charm, I realized that the color Sea Green can be applied to a copper piece, to give it a corroded look. I grabbed a copper chain that I had and tried it out. It gives the chain a tarnished effect that I really like. It’s a little grungy. This led me to painting more chains with the glaze. I realized that you can achieve a mixed metal appearance with only one metal.

Multi glazed chain

I grabbed a gunmetal chain and Gold, Silver, and Pool glaze for a pop of color and randomly painted the chain for a mixed metal effect. I loved the results.

Mixed Metal Necklace and Bracelet with Martha Stewart Jewelry Line

The copper chain became a funky necklace with the help of my favorite of the 3 lockets in the charm set. I added a little bit of the black glaze to it to give it a more tarnished effect. I layered the mixed metal chain a few times and added another one of the locket charms that I had enameled and tarnished a little bit with black glaze (work quickly, the glaze will stain enamel). I love how funky and unique each of the pieces look. They ended up looking nothing like the original supplies which is pretty amazing.


Enamel on a plain locket

This stuff is pretty incredible. It takes boring charms and pendants and allows you to give them a very personal touch. The results are amazing. It dries hard and secure with a nice glossy look. I was really nervous about using it for the first time, thinking my unsteady hands would get this stuff all over the place, but it was surprisingly easy. You just have to make sure that you mix enough activator with the color you’re using. Once you get the right consistency, the enamel pretty much takes over. The bottle suggests that you use a toothpick, but I also found that a craft stick works great for covering large areas like my locket, and a paper clip is great for details like the leaf I enameled.

Martha Stewart Enamel with Leaf Charm

All I had to do was place a drop of the enamel over the part of the charm I wanted to color, and spread it until it didn’t spread anymore. The enamel has a perfect amount of spread, so it comes out smooth, and if it’s thick enough, it won’t go everywhere. It’s really addicting to use this! I’m already thinking about all of the jewelry I can add color to!

Enamel Leaf

This stuff takes an extremely long time to dry, so don’t depend on something being done within a few hours. Let it dry at least overnight. Once it’s completely dry though, it’s nearly impossible to scuff up or damage the color coating, which is amazing. It looks like the charms always had those colors on them, which is pretty cool too. Dotting as I went along inside the grooves with the spirals worked great. The color soaked into the crevices and spread without me having to move the enamel along. I dropped a little enamel on the leaf and spread it along the vines. I was going for imperfect perfection with the leaf, and I have to say, I think I nailed it.

I give both products an A+ for uniqueness and usability. It’s so amazing to watch a piece completely change in appearance right before your eyes like this. There really isn’t a way to describe it, you’ll just have to try it yourself.


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