No Sew Bow

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Easy No Sew Hair Bow. Tutorial at

My daughter loves hair bows. We have bows in many sizes and shapes. She really loves it when the bows match the outfits, but that can get to be a little expensive buying all of the different hair clips. I always thought the fabric bows had to be sewn which meant a lot of work, but they don’t. I’m sharing a little tutorial on how fabric glue can be used to make cute bows, fast and easy.




Start out by selecting your fabric and cutting (1) 6″ x 2″ strip and (1) 1.5″ x 1″ strip.


Next, on the larger piece of fabric wrong side facing up, fold each long side to the middle. If you have an iron, press the folds, if not just apply the fabric glue and fold.




Once the glue is dry, with the “back” side facing up, dot a bit of glue at each end and fold them into the middle so they touch. That has created the body of the bow.

Next take the little strip of fabric with the wrong side facing up, fold the long sides into the middle, press if desired and glue. This creates the center wrap. 



Pick up the bow and pinch it between the pointer finger and thumb, this can be secured with fabric glue, but does not need to be. Take the center wrap and place it around the center of the body of the bow and secure it at the back with fabric glue and insert the bobby pin.


If you are using a hair clip, wrap the center around the bow body and hair clip, then glue in place. 

Easy DIY Hair Bows. No Sewing! Tutorial at

These bows are simple to make, they could be a great craft project for a party or camp. 

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