Wallpaper Garland

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

Fun DIY Garland from Wallpaper Samples. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

I’ve been on a bunting and garland kick for the past few years—it’s just such an easy and festive way to instantly add some fun visual interest to any space.

2 - wallpaper garland materials

I had some gorgeous wallpaper samples that I was looking to use for something a bit more permanent than you would just cardstock.  This wallpaper is seriously beautiful!

3 - wallpaper garland pattern

4- wallpaper garland adding gold

To start with, I traced circles on the back of the wallpaper then cut them out.  Then I got the idea to play up the gold elements and painted a few 3×5 cards gold.  I then cut out smaller circles once the paint had fully dried.

5 - wallpaper garland circles cut out and folded

6 - wallpaper garland folded and glued

I folded the gold circles in half and put glue on both sides to hold to the wallpaper circles.  The string or yarn gets sandwiched into the crease of the gold circles.  I always try to make sure some of the glue coats the yarn so your bunting or garland stays in place.

DIY Garland from Wallpaper Samples - Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

DIY Wallpaper Garland - Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

The spot above the mirror at the top of our stair case got the garland treatment.  That little space is one of my favorites to decorate for the season.


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