Bath Bombs

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By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Fun Bath Bombs that color your water for kids! Tutorial at

With summer here, my biggest problem is keeping my girls clean.  They pretty much play outside all day and are usually covered in dirt and who knows what else by the end of the day.  However, giving them a bath every night is not always what they want to do, so I have to get creative sometimes and come up with fun stuff to do.

That is basically how this idea came along.  I thought they might want to take a bath more if we made some bath bombs for the bath.  And you know, I was right!  The night these were ready, the girls were playing outside again and I told them it was bath time and they pretty much ran in the other direction… SIGH.  Then I said, “we could use one of the bath bombs you made” and they came a running!

It is funny how something so simple turns into something so fun and makes mommy’s life so much easier!  I had the girls use their purple cat bath bomb since it was lavender and would hopefully get them to bed easier, I think it helped with that too!

So not only did we have fun making these, the girls loved making different shapes.  But it got them in the tub without a fight and to bed with less hassle than normal.  A winning project in my book!

Supplies (Per Bath Bomb)

2 TBS Baking Soda

1 TBS Cream of Tartar

Food Color

½ tsp Essential Oil (lavender, orange, Lemon, etc.)

Spray Bottle of Water

Soap Mold



Baking Soda

Add 2 TBS Baking Soda to bowl

Cream of Tartar

Then add 1 TBS Cream of Tartar and ½ tsp Essential Oil

Food Coloring

Then add your food color.

NOTE for purple add only 1 drop blue 2 drops red (my little one got carried away with the blue)


Stir it up


Add a couple sprays of water and keep stirring.  You want to get it where it is just sticking together without adding too much water.  NOTE:  Only add a couple sprays of water at a time or your bombs will lose their fizz

Press into mold

Put your bath bombs in a soap mold, and leave overnight to dry out.  NOTE:  You will need to repeat all steps for each bath bomb, or you can double the recipe and make more than one at a time.

Cute Bath Bombs

In the morning, your bath bombs will be ready to remove from the mold.

Morning Bath

When ready just drop your bomb in the bath

Fizzing Bath Bomb. Tutorial at

You can watch it fizz as it releases its sent and colors your water!

Use a fizzing bath bomb to dye your water and make bathtime fun! Tutorial at

The kids will have fun playing in their purple water and the Lavender sent should help with getting them to bed!

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I am a work at home mother of two living just outside Kansas City, KS. I started crafting with my oldest daughter to spend more time with her and to get her to focus more. And I have to say it has been a great experience for us both. As a matter of fact I have created a craft monster since she tells me several times a week “Let’s do a project MOM!” My youngest is finally at an age where we can start crafting with her too, but then comes the challenge of coming up with something a toddler can do that a preschooler will enjoy also… oh the challenges of a crafting mom. I hope to inspire other parents to craft and create things with their kids.

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