Paper Fan Birthday Decor

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Fold up these paper fans for easy and fun birthday decor!

My daughter is turning 5 in a month or so and we are having a large shindig for her.  It will be a Gala of epic proportions for a person who is only 5! To cut costs, like many moms, I’m doing a lot of the work myself. The decorations are going to be 95% handmade.  I shared these tissue paper flowers last month. Not only does it save on cash, but there is a little bonding time between myself and my daughter as we make these items for her party.




Start folding

Accordion Fold

Start with one sheet of the 12 x 12 paper. Fold the paper in an accordion fold about 1/2″ wide for the entire sheet of paper.

Fold Fans

Glue Paper

Next fold the folded strip in half and secure the two edges together using glue dots. I love glue dots here because they offer an instant hold. If you need to use craft glue here, I suggest clipping the glued edge together with clothes pins until dry, if not the paper will want to open up.

Make Fans

Do the same thing with the second sheet of paper. 

Glue Fan

Rosette Fan

Now, using the glue dots again connect the two fans together.

Paper Fan Decor

I then cut a 5″ circle out of paper and tacky glued it to the center back and center front. This gives the entire piece stability and is the mounting point for our number plate.

Paper Birthday decor for your next party

Using a different colored paper cut a 4.5” circle. Glue the number or letter cut out to the 4.5″ circle. Once dry, glue that to the center of the paper fan on top of the 5″ circle.

Punch a hole at the top to hang the paper fans or use clips to hang them. Combined with the tissue paper flowers , this party will have some great decorations for next to nothing for cost.

Fold up some party decor from fun patterned paper

Make your own decorations this summer! 

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