Nest Pendant

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Mother's Day Nest Pendant at

A popular trend in jewelry, the nest is a cute way for moms to show off their family. The mamma “bird” wears her nest proudly displaying how many little ones she has at home. This project is simple even for the smallest of hands to make and they are great gifts to give.

Nest Pendant at


Nest Pendants at

To start this project decide how many “eggs” your nest is going to have. I did a one egg nest and a 3 egg nest , if you are going to need more eggs, use smaller beads.

Bead on Wire

Select a bead and slip it on the wire. On the bottom of the bead,  start to coil the wire around in a clockwise motion.

Wrap Bead

Continue wrapping the wire around the bead, creating the nest.  When the nest is sized to your liking, snip the wire and weave the loose end into the nest.

Multiple beads


If you are using more than one bead, just slip all of the beads on the wire before you start to coil.

Nest Pendant

To hang the nest, either use the wrapping of the nest to run the ribbon through or place an O ring on the nest to run the ribbon through.

Nest Pendant at

The cost of this project can be very low or use the sterling silver wire and gemstone beads to make an elegant expensive pendant to gift. 

Nest Pendant at

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2 thoughts on “Nest Pendant

  1. Araceli Gomez

    I loved this idea, about the nest necklace! it’s beautiful!!!! I’d love to get more ideas I love also recycling items I’m into the paper beading, if you guys have any ideas….I will love to get them or more ideas!!! please, thanks….

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