Easy Stained Glass Art

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By Guest Blogger Jackie from the blog Happy Hooligans

Jackie writes about the daily happenings in her small home daycare.  Her blog, Happy Hooligans, is chock full of easy and affordable art, crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Stained Glass Kids Craft

You may have seen our Eric Carle Easter Eggs recently, which were inspired by Dilly Dali Art’s Eric Carle post.  Our egg project had us painting on waxed paper for the first time, and it was such a beautiful process, I thought we’d experiment a little more, using that kind of canvas.

I really didn’t have any set project in mind when we started out.  The process just kind of evolved as we were painting.

Gather Your Supplies:

Stained Glass Materials

I gave each hooligan a square of wax paper, and encouraged them to cover the entire surface with their paints.

Brush Paint

I thought they would simply brush the paint all over the waxed paper, but a couple of them experimented by dabbing their paint all over the surface.  That’s when my idea started to come together. (in case you’re wondering, the outside photos in the next image were taken under fluorescent lighting, while the middle one was taken in natural light in front of a window).


The 3 Step Process:

  1. Have your little one dab paint all over their wax paper.  Splat it on nice and thick.  The closer together your paint dots are, the better it is for blending the colors together in the next step.
  2. Next, give them good-sized plastic lid.  Our Gatorade lids were perfect, but the flat bottom of a glass or jar would  work too.
  3. Now, press and twist the lid into the paint, blending the dots together.  Occasionally swipe the lid against a piece of paper  to clean it off, to prevent the dots from becoming too “muddy”.

We were all so impressed by the finished results!  Some of the younger hooligans simply spread their paint around, and some chose to paint sparingly, and skipped the bottle lid step.  Each child decided how they wanted to their project to look.

Stained Glass Art

When the paintings had dried, I held them up to the window for the hooligans to see, and WOW!

Stained Glass Paintings

Isn’t this impressive?

To complete the project, I cut out some simple cardstock frames, and the hooligans glued them to them onto their paintings.

Then we taped them up in the window, and when the sun broke through the clouds and shone through the waxed paper, the paintings were even more beautiful!

Stained Glass Painting by Guest Blogger Jackie at ThinkCrafts.com

What a gorgeous way to add a pop of Spring color to the windows!

Imagine painting a piece large enough to completely cover a window?  Or to cover the panes in a french door?  Hmmm, there may just be an idea for a future project here!

If you’re looking for another simple “stained glass” project to do with your hooligans, check out our stained glass easter eggs made with contact paper, tissue paper and yarn!

If you’re looking for more easy and affordable arts, crafts and activities for kids, you can follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!

Happy crafting!

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