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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

DIY Party Flowers at

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but in our house there are a lot of Summer birthdays. This year my little girl is have a huge gala for her birthday and there must be large and plentiful decorations! I have been working on some large tissue paper flowers and that’s what I’m sharing here today. These are fairly versatile, for instance, left by themselves they can lay flat, hang on a flat wall, be mounted on a large stick or dowel rod for a flower on a stem, or make about four of the same color to make on large hanging 3D ball. They are simple and inexpensive to make so your party dollars can be spent elsewhere. Here we go!




5 Sheets of Tissue

To start, lay 5 sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. The paper I used was 20 x 20.

accordion fold

With all of the sheets on a pile, start a 1″ accordion style fold for the whole sheet.

Rounded Edge

Once done, fold the folded paper in half and draw a rounded edge.

Cut End

Using heavy duty scissors, cut the rounded end. Open up the fold in the middle to create a 20″ long, accordion folded paper with rounded ends.


Set the paper on edge, and using craft wire or twist tie, secure the center with it. If you want to hang the flower, use a long piece of craft wire here, it can be used to secure the center and hang the item when done.


Now, gently pull the layers of tissue up towards the center, pay special attention near the center where the folds are gathered, pulling to hard with rip the tissue. Once the flower is fluffed up on both sides you are done. Instant centerpiece!

 DIY Party Flowers at

At this point they can be hung or mounted on a dowel rod. I would use hot glue for attaching the dowel rod stem. Make more of the same color and tie the centers together for a full 3D ball.

If you use more sheets of tissue, your flower with turn into a ball if you want a puff balls instead, approximately 8 to 10 sheets of tissue will create that.

This is a great project for staying on budget but with the look of indulgence! From a normal pack of tissue paper you can make 2 of these huge flowers for less than $2.00. They look great and so will your summer parties!!!

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One thought on “Party Flowers – DIY Decorations

  1. Grandma,H.

    I love all kinds of crafts and needless to say there are some great ideas here.
    thank you for the paper flowers ideas.

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