Crystal Tassel Trio Necklace

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Celebrity Craft Professional Mark Montano’s latest book the Big-Ass Book of Bling is full of enough projects to cover you in bling from head to toe! Learn how to make tassels and then turn them into a luxe necklace! Visit our friend Mark Montano’s website and Youtube Channel for even more crafty and DIY bling ideas!





Mark Montano's Crystal Tassel Trio Necklace at

I showed this to a friend of mine and basically she said, “I like everything but the tassels”.  We’re not friends anymore.  Perhaps if I had told her that this was called the Crystal Tassel Trio, she would have understood it was the point of the piece.  A week later, I took off the tassels and thought that she had a point.  You could really just stop before you put on the tassels and have another amazing necklace.  Maybe I should give her a call?

  • Create your chain base by attaching the 5 chains to a jump ring at each end and a lobster claw on one side for a closure.

Add Crystals to Jewelry Pins

Beads to Chains

  • Working with 3 chains, create your crystal charms by placing a crystal on a flat head pin, cutting off the excess and creating a loop with your needle nose pliers.  Hang on the chain with the jump rings in various places.

Flat Head Pin through Tassell

Add Bead to Tassel

  • Push a flat head pin through the center of each tassel up through the top, add a crystal bead, cut off the excess and bend a loop with the needle nose pliers.

Spray Paint Brooch

  • Spray paint the brooch with the black spray paint and let dry.

Attach Tassel to Brooch

  • Hang one tassel from the bottom center of the brooch with a jump ring and pin the brooch in the center of all 5 chains going through several loops to keep it together.

Hang Other Tassels

  • Hang the other two tassels on evenly on both sides of the center brooch with jump rings.

Mark Montano's Crystal Tassel Trio Necklace at

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