Featured Crafter: Emily White

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Featured Crafter - Emily White

My faux fur animal hides idea had been in my head for probably a year before I made the first one.  I had really been in to hides for a while – mostly cow hides, and the idea naturally progressed to taxidermy skins.  I had seen a couple of these skins before online – some were oriental rugs that were wrapped around the foam rugshell taxidermy head with a taxidermy mouth set – they basically looked exactly like real taxidermy rugs but made with an oriental rug.  Not only did I know that was expensive (the mouth inserts alone run for about $200), but I thought it was too easy. All of those parts were already made for you and all you had to do was spray adhesive the rug or fabric to the pre-made head form and voila!  I also didn’t think it could be very comfortable.  I started to make my own patterns, which could be stuffed, and be more like a stuffed animal or a pillow than a rigid foam head.  I also wasn’t totally in love with the idea that this hand-made object I put many hours into was going to be walked on and probably vacuumed.  I started to think about how they would be great as blankets.. with built in pillows!

Featured Crafter - Emily White

I got my BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Sculpture, but I majored in Illustration for a year before I made the big switch.  My background is in fine art – drawing, painting, and sculpture -and my subject matter has always almost strictly been animals. When I graduated, I had a degree in Art and a great summer job for two summers, but once that ended I didn’t want to go back to working at a cafe.  I had learned about Etsy around then, and I started off making tobacco pouches.  Quite a few of those actually sold, which blew my mind because I began thinking it wouldn’t be impossible to sell things I make for a living.  I tried to think of an idea that hadn’t really been done yet (at least from what I can tell) that I really loved.  I’m crazy about my idea of faux fur animal skins and I love making them, which I think is really important for their success.  I started out only making a couple and when the first one sold I was so excited that other people may like them as much as I do.  And then the second one sold only a week after the first!  I knew then that I needed to start producing more, pronto.

Featured Crafter - Emily White

Visit Emily’s Etsy Shop, GGGreatWhite to see even more faux fur taxidermy and illustrations

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