Vote Glitter for the 2013 Crafties!

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

I have an unnatural obsession with glitter and I want to shout out my vote for Best All Around Craft Tool: the Martha Stewart Glitter Product Line!!!  There are so many colors there will never be a project that you can’t find a color for.  There is iridescent, holographic, and neon for light reflecting plus different sizes and shapes such as course, fine, tinsel and hexagonal which is a larger flake.  Truly one of the best glitter lines out there.

 Martha Stewart Glitter

I have a little girl and just the glitter itself is one of the best toys on the planet! The endless ideas she comes up with are astounding! One day the glitter is fairy dust, a very popular item for making things “fly” through the house. The next day it is used as snow for the doll house, while another day it is bedazzles for the dolls as she sprinkles some of the outfits. All of these non-permanent play options are just the start of the glitter collections greatness.

 Glitter Painted Card at

I have used glitter on many of my crafts. This is a Valentine completely painted in glitter. I loved the idea of covering the entire piece with glitter and when these were handed out the recipients fell in love with the sparkles.

 DIY Fairy Dust at

Here is an instance where I mixed several different colors of glitter and made a custom blend for my daughter’s fairy dust.  I used the glitter as a gift. I love how this item can be used on so many levels. It can be used for adornment or as the gift itself, not gifted as a bottle of glitter but given as “melted snowmen” or “fairy dust” or even “sands of time”.

 Martha Stewart Glitter

Think of all the times when something is made just a little more special because of the glitter. Repairing worn toes on ballet flats for my daughter, brides decorating the bottoms of their shoes, finger nails dipped in bottles of glitter just after a layer of polish was applied. The possibilities are endless and that is why I give a great big shout out for the entire Martha Stewart Glitter Product Line!!!


Be passionate about your crafting and vote for your favorite craft tool or product today!! 

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One thought on “Vote Glitter for the 2013 Crafties!

  1. Shannon

    I’m obsessed over glitter too. I used to really like Martha as well, until I discovered a brand called WOW! This stuff puts the spark in sparkle! It’s about the same price as the competition- ($25-$30 eBay/Amazon) but if you are lucky enough to have either a Ross or a Tuesday Morning (who would’ve thought….) nearby I found the 24 packs there for under $15 for a 24 pack. One set is fine holograph glitter & the other has (for example) a fine pink & then a pink chunky glitter. They also have a website that shows their goods. I craft glass Xmas ornaments & dolls- all my customers comment on how beautiful the glitter is… It even outdoes my Swarovski crystals! So beautiful. My fave is a blackish-silver color called graphite.

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