Tulle Valentine

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By General Crafts Contributor Melissa, from the blog MeloMomma

Tulle Valentine at ThinkCrafts.com

There is nothing more special than a homemade Valentine to send out to your loved ones! This one can be created in ten minutes and is under $1.50 to make.

What you will need:
1. Cut a few pieces of 1 inch x 4 inch tulle. Approx. 40.
2. Tie the tulle, one piece at a time, into a single knot around the ring.
3. Repeat until the ring is covered in tulle.
4. Folding a small piece of construction paper in half, cut out a heart.
5. Write your valentine message.
6. Using the end of the ink pen, poke a small hole into the paper and string it through the tulle.
 Tulle Valentine at ThinkCrafts.com
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