Starburst Necklace

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Celebrity Craft Professional Mark Montano’s latest book the Big-Ass Book of Bling is full of enough projects to cover you in bling from head to toe! This necklace is just one of the many accessory projects you can make with household items and imagination. Visit our friend Mark Montano’s website for even more crafty and DIY bling ideas!





Mark Montano's Starburst Necklace at

I think this actually looks like a key to another dimension.  If you were to neatly place the smaller stones you could perhaps make your astrology sign?  Just a thought.


Read the Directions after the Jump…


1.     String the 60 safety pins on a piece of 7” long wire.
2.     Create a circle, twist the wire ends together and cut off the extra leaving about ½ of twisted wire.  This will tuck in between the safety pins.

starburst necklace

3.     Glue your starburst of pins on to the circle of aluminum flashing with E-6000 and let dry.

Starburst Necklace

Starburst Necklace
4.     Glue your crystal in the center of the starburst and let dry.
5.     Glue your smaller flat back rhinestones in a random design around the starburst.
Starburst Necklace
 6.     Place a jump ring on the end of one of the safety pins and on the center of your chain.
7.     Place jump rings on the end of your chain and a lobster claw for a closure.
Starburst Necklace
8.     Place 3 safety pins on the remainder of the jump rings and hang from the bottom of the starburst like you see in the photo.
Mark Montano's Starburst Necklace at
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