Mason Jar Picture Frame

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By General Crafts Contributor Melissa, from the blog MeloMomma

Mason Jar Picture Frame at

I have seen many mason jar picture crafts and I have always thought they are really neat but they are so plain. Just shoving a photo inside a mason jar and tying a ribbon around it is just kind of boring. I like sparkle and flare. So, I started to rummage through my craft closet (yes I have a closet, not a drawer, but a closet) and I pulled out my box of beads and buttons.

What you will need:

Read the How-to After the Jump…


  • Have an idea of how you want to place the beads before starting and then only add enough glue to place two or three beads at a time. It dries too quickly to do any more.
  • Begin placing beads in a pattern or sporadically as I did.
  • Continue until the rim is covered.
  • Repeat at the base of the jar as well. I chose to use only small beads here, but large beads work too.
  • Turn upside down and add your photo!

Mason Jar Frame at

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