Homemade Tea Bags

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

What tea drinker wouldn’t love tea bags made with love!?! These tea bags are so easy to make and it is a nice way to blend your own teas. In the bulk tea section of my grocery store, they have lots of loose tea leaves along with several varieties of loose herbal teas. While it’s fine to measure out the tea and use a tea ball at home, not all of my tea loving friends and family have tea balls or want to deal with loose leaves. By making your own tea bags these loose leaf teas can be gifted, traveled with, or blended like half decaf / half High Test.


Coffee Filters

Sewing Machine with white cotton thread

White cotton string or Bakers Twine



First, cut 2 squares from the center of two coffee filters.

Next, stitch 3 sides of the square with the sewing machine.

Next, fill the teabag with 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea.

Then fold the top corners in towards the center and place a piece of cotton string. Fold the center down once and then again and staple it with the string on the outside of the fold, but under the staple. This makes sure that the string is tight so when the bag is wet the string does not pull out when you are trying to lift the bag from a cup of hot water.

At the end of the string staple a piece of cardstock.


I can’t wait to make a whole box of gourmet tea bags for my family for the Holidays!!!!

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