Rosebud Clothspins

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By Paper Crafts Contributor, Lauren Romano

There are an incredible amount of uses for clothes pins from keeping chip bags closed to hanging items at a party. The only problem is that they’re plain and boring. So how can you fix this issue? Decorate them to your style! If you’re a fan of flowers these beautiful mini rose bud clothespins are going to look lovely in your home.

What you need:



  1. Paint a clothespin white on the top and sides, then place it on a vinyl placemat non-painted side down until it dries thoroughly. Paint the other side of the clothespin and let it sit to dry before moving onto the next step.
  2. Cut out the mini rose bud ceramic decals as close to the image as possible. Do not peel the backing off; cut it with the paper still on.
  3. There are two ways you can go about removing the paper backing. The first is to run the decals under running water until the backing comes off and the other option is to throw the decals in a glass of water and slide the backing off each one when you pull them out of the water. Do the decals one at a time rather than all at once.
  4. Remove a decal from the water, dab it very lightly on a paper towel to get the water droplets off while still leaving the decals damp. Carefully place a decal immediately onto the clothespin and slide it into position. Repeat the step for each decal you place on.
  5. Place a dot of craft varnish on the clothespin and use your finger to spread out the varnish over the decals while being careful not to slide them out of place. If you’re applying the decals to both sides, wait until one side dries to do the other. Let the clothespins dry thoroughly before using them.


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One thought on “Rosebud Clothspins

  1. GLENDA B.

    I am going to try this with some old scrapbooking stickers I never am going to use and use mod podge gloss over to finish and give a sheen.
    Thanks for the idea!!

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