Fall Inspired Twine Vase

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By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate.

Sprucing up the house for Fall doesn’t have to be pricey. This Fall vase I created actually only averaged out to about $2! I purchased this vase from the dollar store and turned it into a bookshelf piece for the Fall. It is simply twine wrapped around the vase with a faux leaf and button on the front. I love Jute because it is so trendy right now and it is unbelievably cheap. You can get it for less than 10 cents a foot!

What You’ll Need:


Dab a bit of glue on the side and adhere the start of the twine wrap. Then, take the twine and carefully wrap it in the middle of the vase and continue to dab glue on that same side as you continue to go around until you have a good amount of twine layers. To finish the twine, simple dab an end spot for the glue and hold the final piece down. Then cut the remaining twine.

Once the glue has dried for the twine, glue a leaf to the front. (I found these in bulk at the dollar store) along with a coordinating button.

Fill the glass with the rest of the leaves from your package or use colorful marbles.

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