Pom Pom Candy Corn

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By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays. My girls get so excited about dressing up and you know CANDY! But for me I look most forward too all the fun crafty things there are to make for Halloween. For the past few weeks I have found it very hard to think of any crafts that have nothing to do with Halloween so I finally just gave in and started working on some of the fun holiday ideas I had. My girls were really excited when we started working on Halloween stuff but now my oldest keeps asking when she can go trick or treating, um not for a while kid.

One of our favorite treats around Halloween is candy corn. I know big surprise right, that stuff is addictive, you can’t just eat one! So it should come to no surprise that this project is a giant candy corn… YUMMY! Okay you can’t eat this one, but it sure does look yummy. This is also a great project for kids because it can keep them busy for a while so if you have stuff to get done, well just get everything all set up and let them go to town gluing all the pom poms on. Oh and if you are worried about the kids using the glue gun there is a trick to it so they don’t get burned. Simply show them to hold the pom pom by pinching one end then applying the glue to the other end (see first picture below at how my daughter is holding it) and then sticking to the cone. This way the hot glue does not come close to their little fingers.

Craft Supplies:


Glue your pom poms to the Styrofoam cone using your glue gun.

Start with yellow, then your orange, then the white; until the whole cone is finished.

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I am a work at home mother of two living just outside Kansas City, KS. I started crafting with my oldest daughter to spend more time with her and to get her to focus more. And I have to say it has been a great experience for us both. As a matter of fact I have created a craft monster since she tells me several times a week “Let’s do a project MOM!” My youngest is finally at an age where we can start crafting with her too, but then comes the challenge of coming up with something a toddler can do that a preschooler will enjoy also… oh the challenges of a crafting mom. I hope to inspire other parents to craft and create things with their kids.

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