Photo Vase

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By General Crafts Contributor Melissa, from the blog MeloMomma.

Honestly, this is way easier than it looks. It takes time but it is such an awesome project and makes an exceptional gift. I chose a large vase but you can do this with smaller photos and a smaller vase as well.

What you will need:


Cut out several pictures and several squares of tissue paper. Apply a tin layer of modge podge to the glass vase. Work in small sections. Lay a picture against the vase and firmly smooth out. Repeat with additional pictures and tissue paper squares. Allow to completely dry. Cover with a very thin layer of Mod Podge. Allow to dry and BAM it’s done!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Vase

  1. Nancy LeDoux

    The directions to make this vase leave many questions to be answered.. can you place tissue paper on top of pictures? Can you apply tissue paper on the vase first then the pictures on top? Is the tissue paper also applied inside the top part of the vase? Certainly more detailed instructions would be appreciated..

    Thank you for any additional help

    Nancy LeDoux

  2. CreateForLess

    I wouldn’t put any tissue on top of the pictures as this could easily make them look cloudy. If you’re layering tissue, you’ll have uneven opacity as well. Your best bet would be to lay the tissue down first and then place the photo on top of it. There is no tissue on the inside of the vase, if you’re using it to hold flowers, you’ll want the inside of the vase to be waterproof.

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