Dog Magnet

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By Paper Crafts Contributor, Lauren Romano.

One of the reasons I love displaying photos on my fridge is that it doesn’t take up shelf or wall space throughout the rest of the house. I adore my dog, so I wanted to put a picture of her where I could see it on a daily basis; the fridge is a perfect place. Rather than just stick the photo up with a magnet or piece of tape, I wanted each one to look more like it’s part of a scrapbook page. It was a great way to brighten up a boring fridge!

What you’ll need:

Step 1. Choose the photo you want to use for your magnet. Trim down to size if necessary.

Step 2. Cut apart your dog food box. Start out by cutting a large piece as the base for your magnet, then cut out one or two images of the dog treats.

Step 3. Using Mod Podge, attach scrapbook paper to the cardboard base. Smooth it out to remove any air bubbles.

Step 4. Center the photo onto the base, then attach with the Mod Podge.

Step 5. Adhere one image of the treat above the photo and another under. Hold it down in place until it’s almost dry to prevent the edges from curling up.

Step 6. Attach two magnets onto the back of the cardboard.

Optional: Should you choose, attach small wood letters that spell out the dog’s name at the bottom.

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