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Congratulations to Marybeth I, Susan, Midge Evans, Catrina, Darcy Szecsy & Rebecca W who were randomly selected as our Free Stuff Friday winners! They have each won a copy of One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant!

Every knitter has at least a few single skeins–those oddball orphans that clutter up your yarn stash. They’re too beautiful to toss, but what can you do with them? One-Skein Wonders has 101 sweet, addictive single-skein solutions: hats, mittens, and scarves; napkin rings, coasters, and wine bags; hairclips, belts and bags–stylish, fun-to-knit projects that demand little yarn but deliver big results.

The winning answers to “Who was the last person you called?” were…

Marybeth I – “The last person I called was someone for work. Personally the last person was my mom. thanks!”

Susan – “My brother Mark.”

Midge Evans – “My husband to find out what he wanted for dinner.”

Catrina – “My hubby at work. Our youngest woke up right as he was leaving and he didn’t get to say good-bye to him and say I love you.”

Darcy Szecsy – “The last person I called was my mother.”

Rebecca W – “I called a friend from nearby to set up breakfast for today.”

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