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We received over 200 Craft Bloopers! We were very entertained by reading your crafting bloopers and very carefully narrowed the entries to 10. We calculated the top 10 by measuring the amount of giggling each story received.

Tell us your favorite blooper and the winner will receive a $100 CreateForLess shopping spree! Comment on this blog post to vote for your favorite! If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.

“I was trying to pour some glitter back into the little bottle when the doorbell rang and startled me. I accidentally dumped the whole bottle of glitter down my front and in my cleavage. Since I was expecting a fellow crafter to join me for a night of crafting, I went ahead and answered the door with a glittery bossom. To my surprise, there stood my minister, who had dropped by unexpectedly!”
Vote for Cristen!

“One should never, I repeat, NEVER try to do a project they saw on Pinterest by looking solely at the picture. This is evident when you look at my sad, sorry excuse for a haunted graveyard, tree, and fence made from edible materials. The original project was adorable! Mine? Well, that picture tells the story. BAD implementation of a good idea, that’s all I have to say in my defense.”
Vote for Peggy

“I was making a banner for my rodeo team to hang on the side of the areana. It was 12′ x 4′. I had cut out individual characters to spell out the name of the rodeo team. The letters were 36” high. To secure them in place before sewing, I super glued them in place then pinned so I could sew the letters to the banner. As I pulled the pins out while sewing, I would put them in my mouth as I couldn’t find my pin cushion. When I got ready to pull the pins out I COULDN’T!!! I had forgotten that I had pinned them into the banner while the super glue was still fresh. YES, I SUPER GLUED MY LIPS TOGETHER. It took 2 hours, some finger nail polish remover and a lot of pain to get my lips unstuck and the pins removed from my lips. Let’s just say, I had “really chapped” lips for about 2 months.”
Vote for Jami

“I was making a cross stitch picture for a wedding present. I had about 40 of the 75 hour it would take to make it done. I was cross stitching near a candle I had burning and managed to set it on fire. (Cross stitch fabric is very is very easy to burn). Luckily I managed to put it out and cover the burned area with the matting.”
Vote for Kristen

“I had just made a muslin dress for a doll, and I wasn’t happy with the bright white color, so I decided to tea-dye it. I set the dress near the stove, filled the kettle, and cranked the electric burner up to “HI.” I walked away to grab some tea bags and when I came back, the little dress was in flames! I’d turned the wrong knob and the little dress was way too close!”
Vote for Aimee

“While scrapbooking our Gatlinburg vacation, on our last day, I set up my camera delay and propped the camera to the view of my intended subjects (well, except myself). So when I made the mad dash to get in the picture, too, I didn’t allow extra room for my height and the photo printing lab chopped off my head. Well, it was too late for another photo and being at a scrapbook event, couldn’t reprint this photo from home, so I just had to be creative and draw the rest of my head onto the scrapbook page!”
Vote for Judi

“I was using my bed to cut out a pattern and though “Boy, these scissors sure need sharpened!” What I didn’t realize (until it was WAY too late) was I was not only cutting the material, but I was cutting through my bedspread too! I think that’s when I moved from sewing to other crafts.”
Vote for Linda

“I was sewing my best friend’s wedding dress together. As I didn’t have my glasses on, I was leaning toward the sewing machine and squinting as I sewed. I felt a tugging on my head, but I imagined it was the stress and tiredness of having worked on a wedding dress for three days straight. My sewing machine started giving me a little trouble and as I pulled the fabric out, I realized some of my long hair had gotten caught in the machine and was now very much attached to this wedding dress… I had to cut my hair so I could remove it and save the thing. My hair stylist thought the story was hilarious, but my cropping of the hair was horrendous. I’m a seamstress, not a hair stylist–thank goodness.”
Vote for Heather

“I made paper Valentine’s with my niece. She got glue all over her shorts and I told her to go ahead to the restroom to wash up. When I got there to try to wash off the super glue, she had sat on the dog and was stuck. The dog had a long coat, so I was able to get the glue and glitter off the dog and my niece (and cut away glittery dog fur!)”
Vote for Florence

“One night I woke up to my 1 year old son screaming and ran into the nursery. He blubbered and pointed to the “Brown Clown” applique wall hanging I had made for him. Most parts of it were dark, but the white fabric that I had used for the eyeballs was phosphorescent and glowing wildly. Now I am very cautious when selecting fabric and even check it out in the dark.”
Vote for Sharon


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8 thoughts on “Vote for the Craft Bloopers Winner!

  1. Debbi Spencer

    Lots of funnies, but picturing poor Jami with her lips glued shut…lol…gotta vote for that!

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