Ombre Pillow Case

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

It seems like the Ombre look is everywhere. It’s on the runways and fills the clothing departments. What is Ombre you ask? It is a French term that means to shade, in most cases it means to shade or gradate color in one tone, from light to dark. We thought that this year our outside fabric dying project would be this dip dye project instead of tie dying. This project is simple enough for the younger ones but still technical enough to challenge older kids. We chose pillow cases to decorate our rooms.

Are you ready to join the trend?


Pillow Case (or other fabric item)
Fabric Dye
Buckets or pots for dying
Clothes Pins
Some kind of Rack to hang the item on

Start this project by preparing the package of dye in 2 cups of hot water, like on the directions on the package. Then fill a bucket or pan with hot water and soak the pillow case in the water, making sure the fabric is very wet.

Pour the 2 cups of dissolved dye into the bucket then dip the fabric up to the point where you want the white to end and the color begin. I clipped it to a drying rack and left it in the dye water at this point for 3-5 minutes. I checked the color and was told by my tiny helper that there was enough of a hint of pink to move it up a little bit. What I mean by moving up, is we are removing a bit of fabric that is lightly tinted pink, taking it out of the dye water. Then leaving the rest of the fabric to sit in the water for another 7 – 10 minutes.  Then we removed a little more out of the dye water. Checking it again after 10 -15 minutes, taking a little more out.  Then we left the bottom in for at least an additional 20 minutes. That was about as much attention I could hold of the tiny one, 4 different levels of color. But the possibilities are really endless, when it comes to color ribs.

After the dying process is done, rinse the fabric with water until the water that is squeezed out runs clear. Then I set the color by placing it in the dryer.

Impress your friends and family – Try this trendy technique on your summer dying projects.     


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