Free Stuff Friday!!

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Enter to win a Random Bag of Scrap! Five lucky winners will be awarded a randomΒ bag of scrapbooking supplies!

Prize pack could contain but not limited to: Paper Accents Cardstock, Martha Stewart Glitter, Zots Adhesive, American Crafts Brads, Chipboard shapes, EK Success Paper Shapers Punch and more! We are celebrating National Scrapbooking Day all month long at Think Crafts.

Paper Accents Chipboard Shapes will fit the bill when you are looking for great shapes to cover with paper, paint, and embellishments. EK Paper Shapers Punches will easily enhance cards, scrapbook pages and make unique craft projects. The design allows upside down punching for perfect placement.Β Paper Accents Cardstock is perfect for scrapbooking, card making and rubber stamping. American Crafts Brads feature a variety of unique designs. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs that may include flat and fully painted or round, colorful rhinestones.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winner and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the Week: What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.


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122 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Karee Steinhauser

    I will be playing in a softball tournament, camping with friends and taking lots of pictures that will be put in my softball scrapbook.

  2. Larell

    Going to visit Daddy’s grave at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and then bbq’ing with hubby and Mom

  3. Larell

    Going to visit Daddy’s grave at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and then bbq’ing with hubby and Mom.

  4. Tammy Valley

    I hope to get some fishing & sleep in this weekend πŸ˜‰ Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  5. itza

    memorial weekends are.abiut family and friends getting together and having a bbq. But most of all my fav. Thing to do is crafting with my nices and nephews.. They live it and we all have fun..

  6. Lauralee

    Crafting, shopping some great sales, spending time with family and giving thanks for those who fought for our freedom!

  7. Marie O

    It’s my baby boy’s 1st Birthday on Saturday! It’s a 3 day celebration!! πŸ™‚

  8. Sandi Hudson

    Catching up and relaxing with hubby and possibly some friends. Quiet time at home – I love it!

  9. Liz S.

    Tonight my oldest Son will be getting married.

    It will be time to start a new scrapbook chapter of his life.

    Time sure goes by fast.

    Thank goodness for memories

  10. Annie Brown

    Awesome giveaway!!! Memorial Day weekend plans include an outdoor barbeque with family and friends. The remainder of the weekend will be spent doing some de-cluttering and downsizing and maybe a little crafting. Thanks for the chance to win some great products.

  11. Birgitta

    Tomorrow I Shall Attend the cute little Evy Paulina’s christening. On my todo list is also gardening, crafting and of course BBQ with the family.

  12. Donna Bowles

    Getting together with family for a BBQ and pool time. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures to add to the 2012 scrapbook. Love making scrapbook pages of the kids and grandkids having a good time.

  13. Sahara Tann

    It’s my son’s Birthday he will be 11. We are going to the Family Fun Center. They have games, rides etc. Then a BBQ at home. Should be a lovely weekend and he’s sooooooooooooooooooo excited! lol

  14. Carol Douglass

    What a wonderful variety of goodies. I will be camping with all of my adult children, grand children and best friend. Good times are on the way.

  15. Elizabeth Bowers

    Working on my craft project. Family get together, Parade and more crafting!

  16. Janet Lomajan

    Will be calling family members and thanking them for their service to our Country and flying our flag.

  17. Jean Marmo

    Heading to the cottage this afternoon. Cleaned last time we were there so this time hope to relax and enjoy it! We will have my family over for a picnic too!

  18. monique sutton

    Will be doing yard work (backhoe rented) and inside we will be doing house work.

    POOL is a must and just hanging with my family

  19. Lucy A

    You really outdid yourselves with this giveaway! We’ve had so much rain, I’m hoping it will clear up this weekend so I can get some of my planting done πŸ™‚

  20. cathy d

    Well normally we go to a big family campout/bar-b-q but my husband has not been well for a while, so we will be staying home this year and having a cookout with out children and their families and maybe sneak in a little card making:)

  21. barb johnson

    The weather forecast for my area is rather bleak with rain the entire long weekend so sewing or crafts may be in order πŸ™‚

  22. Darcy Szecsy

    Catching up on scrapbooking, preparing a costume, mending clothes and possibly sewing! something new in-between going to birthday parties and grilling out

  23. Rae B.

    My plans are to make some cards and build a raised bed and get some veggies planted!

  24. Carmen

    Our plans are to relax, maybe do some cleaning, visit with the Grandparents and have a cookout on Monday

  25. Lisa Sc

    Heading to a lake in Maryland with BF and seven of our nine kids plus one grandson…should be interesting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. autumn m

    nothing major, husband is working all weekend. Just going to enjoy the warm weather!

  27. Heather Zeh

    Having our first cookout here at our new home. Pool is open and ready to go. it is also my baby brother’s 21st birthday!

  28. carrie

    gonna go to a couple of cemeteries for decoration day, and i have my first large wedding shower that i’m totally in charge of this weekend too.

  29. Marissa

    Hanging out at home trying to break free from the last of this cold! Sitting on the deck and grilling out πŸ™‚

  30. Chris R.

    I’ll be celebrating like a true American, with brats and Dungeons and Dragons!

  31. Lori

    The family will gather together for a cold sandwich lunch, then go to the cemeteries to place flowers. We will then come back to our house and play in the pool and yard games until evening, when we’ll bbq steaks, burgers, dogs, brats, and all the fixins

  32. Peggy Fry

    We will go to the family grave site on our farm and decorate, plant flowers and then go home and cook out and swim..My father passed away in March so this will be the first time to decorate his grave along with my in-laws.

  33. Ruthanne

    will be putting flowers on relatives grave sites and learning how to weave before starting a new job!

  34. Celia T

    For Memorial day weekend I will be spending time with my little family. BBQ’n and pool time. My kids and I will also be trying to make glow in the dark bubbles! YEAH!! ALso, making a collage in honor of those that we know in the service. Especilly one in memory of my grandpa who served our country in the Navy. <3 ya gpa Albert! :0)

  35. Jean Snider

    I visited the military cemetary where my dad is buried yesterday. Hope to get some work done on our basement that had water last summer, and we had to gut. I’m ready to put things back together!!!

  36. Kelsey Kunkel

    We don’t get to do much for Memorial weekend as my hubby has to work. But I am definitely going to try to get some scrapbooking time in this weekend!

  37. Angie K

    I am disabled and stick close to home spending time with my family and friends. I plan on doing my knitting, bowmaking, cooking out, working in the garden, and reading. I think that it will be a relaxing weekend. God bless yall and Thank you to all that serve and have served in our military and fought for our freedom.

  38. Peggy Daniels

    I love your blog. This weekend I will be hosting a memorial party for close friends who have lost veterns or have family members in the service.

  39. Paula Baugh

    Working on my Scraproom. had to replace the floor and now pull out some sheetrock and replace it. Lots of work but it will be wonderful to put all my things back into my room again. πŸ™‚

  40. Stefanie Haluk

    I plan on cleaning the basement πŸ™
    i will have to make it fun somehow. lol.


  41. Donna

    Working on 2 mini albums on Saturday, BBQ’g on Sunday with family and crafting on Monday again. Love to craft and since I am retired I get to do it all the time. LOL

  42. Darla

    having the family over for a bbq and swimming, weather permitting. those are my plans for the Memorial weekend. Also remembering those that are serving our country and those that have served.

  43. Elena Porter

    Celebrating the freedoms I have thanks to my family members in the Army. Volunteering and spending as much time as possible with my fabulous husband. I have been counting down since I woke up this morning!!

  44. Lesly Christensen

    We are going to a parade and Tivoli fest! Is going to be a great weekend!

  45. Mary Mac

    I will be working all three day this weekend. Will have to celebrate during the week. Have a great weekend everyone.

  46. Monica

    Working! But luckily most customers tend to be in a good mood this first holiday weekend πŸ™‚

  47. Bethany Becker

    My husband and I will be having a bbq and enjoying the beautiful weather. Thanks for the chance to win. I hope everyone has a nice weekend and a safe weekend as well!

  48. Linda Myers

    Since not another toothpick (literally!) can fit in my craft room, it’s time for spring cleaning this weekend. Sincere thanks to all our men and women who serve and have served!

  49. Christine P

    Husband’s MBA graduation, Niagara Falls (but unfortunately only the US side) and a cookout!

  50. L. Ann Ramsen

    I planned to chill big time until I checked out your recent posts. So many great project ideas!

  51. Davina Nugent

    I plan on working! Baking breads, rolls, and making cakes for customers!! πŸ™‚

  52. Estrella Azul

    I’ve some busy past weeks, so I’ll be enjoying good food and doing nothing (which means I’ll probably do some crafting and quite possibly end up cleaning the whole house) πŸ™‚

  53. daisy

    Holidays were made for doing your favorite things – so I will be crafting and catching up on sleep (hopefully!)

  54. Anne V

    I began my Memorial Day weekend by purchasing a Poppy from a Legionnaire as a reminder of what the weekend is really about. I can not remember a time when my Dad(Coast Guard) did not have one attached to his Visor in the car. Even though he has been gone many years, I still enjoy seeing the Poppy on my visor, and thinking fondly of him.
    For the rest of the weekend,I hope to do some crafting at least on Saturday. Sunday is church and a picnic at a dear friends house. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to work on Monday, but at least we will close earlier than usual!

  55. Pam Phelps

    We are celebrating that my husband was just told that he DOES NOT have cancer. It’s been a very long 7 weeks.

  56. suzie1613

    Putting my Seadoo in the lake and going for a ride. Cleaning up the lake front. Picking up pine cones for crafting projects.

  57. Marlene Brazzell

    Quiet day on Saturday, them to a young friend’s grad party on Sunday. Monday just chill out & eat BBQ. Thanks for the great craft items. Happy Memorial Day to all! Remember our Veterans.

  58. Alice Clark

    We’re staying home. I’ve got yarn and paper and paints and charms just waiting!

  59. loralie

    great giveaway!
    plans? none yet. we’ll just wait & see what we feel like doing.

  60. Sarah

    It really depends on the weather….would love to be outside in the sun but if the rain comes I always love a weekend for an extended craft session!

  61. Janet Cobb

    My husband passed away in Nov. 2011 so I am spending a quiet weekend with our son.

  62. Annie

    Where I live, we do not celebrate Memorial Day, but as with all weekends, I will probably be spending time in my craft room

  63. rush

    we will be staying AWAY from the beach. it would be crowded with tourists, and we can go to the water any ol’ day! having from eastern north carolina.

  64. rush

    we will be staying AWAY from the beach. it would be crowded with tourists, and we can go to the water any ol’ day! having from eastern north carolina. we will stay inside where it is cool and work on cards and other artisitic adventures.

  65. Meagan Ellenberger

    I’m hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend at home with the family. I’m really in the mood for a good cook out and some quality time by the kiddy pool!
    And believe it or not I have turen necklaces people have requested that I need to make. I’m super pumped about that!! Have a great holiday to everyone!!!

  66. Meagan Ellenberger

    I’m hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend at home with the family. I’m really in the mood for a good cook out and some quality time by the kiddy pool!
    And believe it or not I have a few necklaces people have requested that I need to make. I’m super pumped about that!! Have a great holiday to everyone!!!

  67. Alecia H.

    My daughter and I are going to make some doll furniture from some tutorials she found online. Other than that a whole lot of laying around.

  68. Joy B in Southern Indiana

    Super giveaway! Since it’s going to be extremely hot this weekend, we’re staying inside with the A/C going! We’ll be watching all the movies saluting our Veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made for our freedoms!

  69. Marjie

    Stay home and spend 3 blissful days with my wonderful husband and 2 awesome sons. Since I am out of town most of the week, I look forward to every day that I can spend with my wonderful family.

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