Mod Podge Light Switch Plate

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By Paper Crafts Contributor, Lauren Romano.

Most of the time, light switch plates are fairly boring and come in only solid colors or metallic. One way to spice them up and tailor them to the room is to decorate them yourself. You’ll only need a few materials to make them look exactly the way you wish.

What you’ll need:

Step 1. Choose the light switch plate you need, then pick out the patterned paper you want covering it. I opted for a vintage map from Washington.

Step 2. Flip the light switch plate face down, then trace the edges including the spaces in the center onto the back of the patterned paper.

Step 3. Cut the piece out with scissors, then use a box cutter to cut out the inside shapes so it’s easier to make an accurate cut.

Step 4. Cover the face of the switch plate with Mod Podge, then attach your piece on top smoothing it down as you go along. Give it ample time to dry.

Step 5. Cover the surface with another coat of Mod Podge, but move quickly so it doesn’t start to dry as you’re going along.

Step 6. Using Mod Podge on your finger, go along the edge to smooth down the paper.

Step 7. Give it at least a day to dry before you use it.


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3 thoughts on “Mod Podge Light Switch Plate

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  2. Mick Anderson

    I find that if I cut out the holes slightly smaller than the actual size of the holes, then I can fold the paper into the edges with the Mod Podge on my fingers — thus the image butts up to the electrical outlet or switch seamlessly. Just an extra thought! 🙂

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