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Recycled Kid’s Crafts

By General Crafts Contributor Melissa, from the blog MeloMomma.

It was recycle/trash day here but we were also in the mood to craft. So, we went recycle bin diving! With a few cracker boxes and some aluminum foil we created a fish that is quite the masterpiece! Oh yeah, we also got hungry while crafting so we pulled out some m&m’s, which ended up looking lovely on our fish! So, what are you waiting for, grab some items from the recycling bin and meet me back here in 5!

 What you will need:

Other items you may want:


Cut out a silhouette of a fish.

Line it with aluminum foil (shiny side up).

Use a hot glue gun to secure it.

To make the eyelashes, cut three strips and glue them together as shown in the picture.

 Glue them to the fish.

Glue one M&M to the top.

Using the cereal or cracker boxes, cut out several shapes. We used rectangles and triangles, but the possibilities are endless.

Decorate your fish using the hot glue gun to secure the pieces.

Below are some close up pictures of the fish we made.


Please feel free to post photos of your fish over at MeloMomma’s FB page.


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