DIY Paper Flowers

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By Guest Bloggers Melissa + Kellie, from the blog Icing Designs.

Oh how we love paper flowers, let us count the ways! Well at least 4 ways! We certainly do have a weakness for paper flowers, they are so versatile, beautiful and easy to make! Thanks to the lovely DIY corespondent Katie, we are going to show you how to create 4 different paper flowers…that can be used in a variety of ways!



1. Trace template onto paper and cut out 4 flower shapes.

2. On two of the flower shapes, score down the center of each petal and fold inward.

3. Glue one of the folded flower shapes on top of the other, staggering the petals.

3. Fold the other two flower shapes in quarters, hot gluing the at the tip to keep the fold secure.

4. Bend the tip of the fold and glue it into the center of the flower.

5. You can bend and open the petals if need be.

Visit Icings Designs for instructions on how to make these flowers!

Check out this AMAZING paper flower arch Katie made for her sister’s gorgeous wedding this summer!

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