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Valentine Card Holder

By General Crafts Contributor Melissa, from the blog MeloMomma.

What do you do with all the tons of Valentine Cards your child brings home from school? Normally they get tossed after being looked at for a day. Or they get strung through the house making a frightful mess.

Well, I have come up with a fun solution. Not only will you have a place to display your favorite Valentine cards, but you and your child can have fun making this card holder!

Oh, yes, if you were wondering… the clothes pins do still work after being attached to the cookie cutter! This Valentine card holder is adorable, pretty, and 100% functional!

What you will need:


Place the clothes pins in a circular shape. Before gluing them, place the cookie cutter on top to assure that they all fit (as shown in photo).

Using a hot glue gun, glue the cookie cutter to the clothes pins.

For added hold glue around the cookie cutter on both the inside and outside.

Cut lace to fit both the inside and outside of the cookie cutter.

Secure the lace with the hot glue gun.

(A close up of the lace)

(A view of the backside)

French Heart Tag

By Paper Crafts Contributor, Lauren Romano.

There’s something about a beautiful gift tag; it can make even the most boring gift bag or box seem perfectly decorated. With a few materials, you can make a French heart tag that’s ideal for attaching to almost any present. It adds a sweet touch whether the gift is for your love or one of your friends.

What you’ll need:

Step 1. Cut a rectangle out of any color cardstock you wish, just make sure it’s proportionate to the heart embellishment you chose.

Step 2. Use a very thin layer of Mod Podge to adhere the French book pages to the cardstock. I used antique French dictionary pages from a book that was broken and going to get thrown out. Quickly and carefully use your finger to smooth out all the bubbles. Give it at least an hour to dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 3. Punch a hole in the top of the tag.

Step 4. Choose any type of heart embellishment you prefer, then use Mod Podge to attach it onto the center of the tag.

Step 5. Choose a color of ribbon that matches the heart embellishment. Use Mod Podge to attach the ribbon onto all four edges of the tag, then cut another piece and tie it through the hole. Trim off any excess only after the ribbon is already dry.

If the tag starts to curl while it’s drying, place a piece of wax paper over it and put a book on top for a few hours so it dries flat.

With Love Valentine Card

By Guest Blogger Diane, from the blog Charmingly Creative.

This is another adorable Valentine’s Day card for a loved one that is quick and easy to make. Time to complete: 5 minutes.

What you’ll need:


Trim white card stock with Rotary cutter to 8″x10″. Score the card stock in the middle at the 5″ line and use a bone folder to crease the edge of paper to form 5″ x 8″card.

Using Rotary cutter trim Polka Dot cardstock to 4¾” x 7 ¾” and use Wonder Tape to adhere to front of card.

The Heart dies come in 6 sizes:

1: 1″ x 1⅛”

2: 1½” x 1⅝”

3: 2⅛” x 2¼”

4: 2¾” x 3″ (Not Using)

5: 3¼” x 3¾”

6: 4″ x 4½”

For the Pink Hearts you will need a #6, 3 and two #2’s. Die cut and emboss each Pink Heart through Spellbinder machine according to manufactures direction. For the White Hearts you will need a #5, 2 and two #1s. For White Hearts die cut and then emboss with Cuttlebug Textile folder.

Adhere large #6 Pink Heart in corner of card with white #5 on top, then pink #3 and white #2 on top. Repeat for the remaining hearts and glue in place. Trim a piece of Pink patterned cardstock to about 4″ x 1 ½” for label, use corner punch on edges. Run the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” through your printer and trim to fit Pink label, punch corners glue in place and attach to card. Attach Red Rhinestone Hearts to corners.

Sending Love Valentine’s Card

By Guest Blogger Diane, from the blog Charmingly Creative.

Remember your sweetie for Valentine’s Day on February 14th!

Time to Complete: 10 minutes

What You’ll need:


Trim white cardstock with Rotary cutter to 8″x10″. Score the cardstock in the middle at the 5″ line and use a bone folder to crease the edge of paper to form card 5″ x 8″.

Trim Dark Pink cardstock 4 ¾” x 7 ¾” and Trim Polka cardstock 4 ½” x 7 ½” then attach Polka on top of Dark Pink and attach to front of card with Wonder Tape. Run Black cardstock with Layered Elegant Swirl die through Grand Calibur machine according to manufactures directions. (I place a small piece of wax paper down first, then die and finally cardstock so it does not stick to intricate details).

Trim a piece of Dark Pink cardstock to 4 ¾” X 2 ½” use edge punch on one side only. Place punched cardstock in embossing folder and run through machine.

The Heart dies come in 6 sizes: You only need the following two:

  • 3: 2⅛” x 2¼”
  • 4: 2¾” x 3″

Use Black cardstock for the largest Scalloped Heart die and run through machine using the Spellbinders instructions to cut & emboss the detail into the die shape. Take Dark Pink cardstock and remaining heart die and run through machine. Place Pink heart into Cuttlebug embossing folder and run through machine. Coat Dark Pink heart with Sakura 3-D Crystal Lacquer Glaze and sprinkle on Pink glitter set aside to dry.

Trim a piece of Pink cardstock to about 2 ¼” x 1 ½” for label, use corner punch on edges. Run the words Happy Valentine’s Day through your printer and trim to fit Pink label, punch corners glue in place. Glue Elegant Swirl piece slightly under Dark Pink embossed cardstock, center and glue on card. Use 3 D dots to attach Pink heart to front of Black heart. Attach to card. To complete card attach label to bottom right corner.

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Nancy Zieman Tablet Keeper Blog Tour Day 18

By Crafts-a lot Contributor, Mable who is an avid reader of craft blogs & magazines and has aspirations to improve her crafting skills. Join Mable on Facebook to socialize and share with other crafters!

A perfect Sunday morning for me would be a steaming cup of coffee and watching “Sewing with Nancy”. Another personal favorite of mine is “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross. I grew up with PBS. Watching their shows gets my creative ideas going and I always get inspired to create. So I was very excited when I was asked to participate in the Nancy Zieman Blog Tour!

I have used Trace N Create Templates before to make a purse, so I was super excited when Nancy designed a template to make tablet keepers. The Clover Trace N Create Tablet Keepers Template allows you to make the perfect size keeper for your tablet or paper pad. As you can tell from the photo below, the template allows you to customize your keeper for your perfect size. It also has markings so you can add the elastic pieces to hold the tablet and strap to close the keeper.

The instructions provided are clear and easy to read. Also provided are stiff plastic sheets for the front and back cover of the keeper. The sheets can be cut to be sized down. You can also buy the Pre Cut Tablet Keeper Shapers separately to make more tablet keepers.

 My finished Tablet Keeper for my MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet!

Blog Tour Details

Each weekday, for 20 days in January, be sure to visit the guest blogger’s site to see their Tablet Keeper creation.

January 3            Nancy Zieman         

January 4            Amy Ellis                  

January 5            Sharon Pernes          

January 6            Vicki Christensen    

January 9            Joan Hawley             

January 10            Pat Sloan                 

January 11            Eileen Roche           

January 12            Liz Hicks                 

January 13            Fran Ortmeyer       

January 16            Ilene Miller             

January 17            Julie Herman         

January 18            Jenny Gabriel        

January 19            Natalia Bonner      

January 20            Frieda Anderson   

January 23            Cindy Cloward       

January 24            Beckie Hansen       

January 25            Amy Webb               

January 26            Allie Robertson       (That’s us!)

January 27            Mary Mulari             

January 30            Laura Wasilowski  

January 31            Carol Porter              

 In addition to the blog tour, Clover is giving away an AMAZING prize package! Check out their site for details!

Ask the Expert: Writing on Dark Cardstock, Reycled Products & More

By Cardmaking & Scrapbook Layout Contributor, Peg from the blog Peg’s Crafting Corner.

Q. Is there a way to write on dark cardstock?

A. A good way to get your journaling to show on dark colored cardstock is by using a gel pen.  White, pastel, metallic or neon, often referred to as fluorescent, inks show up well.  They are archival safe, waterproof and permanent to prevent bleeding through the paper.  The ink smoothly flows onto the paper and dries quickly.  Some pens are made with glitter in the ink to give an added sparkle to your writing.  They can, also, be used for doodling, drawing in items such as the center of a flower or to create a pattern on your dark cardstock and don’t forget if it already has a pattern that you can use the pen to highlight it and make it pop out even more.

Q. Are there scrapbooking/card making products that are recycled?

A. There are many products that are made from recycled items and can be recycled themselves such as paper scraps.  One easy way to find out the endless choices is by searching the word, “recycled” at CreateForLess. You will be able to find anything from paper to flowers and more there that have been made through recycling.  There are even books such as “Pulp Fiction” by Mark Montano at CreateFor Less that will help inspire you to recycle items found around your home into craft projects. 

Q. My ink pad seems dry.  Is there anything I can do about it?


A. A good way to keep your ink pads from seeming dry is to store them upside down when not in use. This allows the ink to flow to the top of the pad instead of settling into the bottom.  Make sure that the caps are always on tightly and closing the ink pad up right after use will help to keep them from drying out, too.   If the ink pad is older or has been used a lot you may need to purchase a new one.  There are some, such as Distress Inks by Ranger, that allow you to purchase a bottle of ink, known as a re-inker, to give life back to your ink pad by adding a few drops to the pad.  When purchasing these be sure to match the name of the re-inker to the name on the ink pad. 

 Q. Is there any easy way to get my punch lined up? 

 An easy way to make sure your punch is lined up is by flipping it over and working from the bottom until you are used to the punch and how it is lined up.  One way that I have found handy is to put the paper in while looking at the bottom of the punch making sure the edge of the paper is even with the metal open area so that it punches right to the edge of the paper.

Next, you can either line up the pattern looking at the bottom of the punch or flip it over and line it up with the pattern on the top, making sure that the last punched edge is still inside the punch.  If it looks like the picture on the right where you see half of the punched area you need to move it into the punch so that it continues to punch all of the areas. 

Q. Is there a good way to get glitter to stick on my cards and layouts?

This is one thing that can be frustrating to many, but there are some simple ways to keep the glitter on your project.  A glue pen, such as the Quickie Glue Pen by Sakura, allows you to place a line of glue exactly where you want it and while the glue is still wet apply the glitter.  Once dry it creates a permanent bond.  Another great way to adhere glitter to a large area is by using a sheet of adhesive from your Xyron machine.  Simply run your paper through your machine with the side down that you want to apply the glitter to and adhere the adhesive.  Remove it from the machine, flip it over and cover with the glitter.  You will now have a large glittery area to create on.  You can, also, follow these steps and then use a punch to punch out glittered embellishments or letters.  For an area that is too large to use a glue pen and too small to use your Xyron, try a double sided tape.  They come in many different widths to fit your project.  All you need to do is adhere one side of the tape to your project and remove the protective coating on the top side of the tape and pour your glitter on and it will stick.  These are really easy ways to add that glittery bling to your projects!


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