Craft Bloopers Contest!

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What’s the biggest blunder you’ve ever made on a craft project? That project gone wrong that still makes you laugh? From two heeled socks to glue accidents, we’d love to hear your funny stories. Send us your craft blooper and you could win a $100 CreateForLess Shopping Spree!

Read our past winner’s bloopers:

2010 Craft Bloopers Winner…

“When my daughter was very young, just walking really, she came up to me whining and shaking her hand. I look and almost had a stroke when I saw she had somehow found and opened some crazy glue! Without thinking I went to grab it and you know it…I was stuck to the glue which was stuck to her. I had to think for a second “ok, now what do I do?” LOL I decided nail polish remover was my best bet and managed to get it open and poor a little on and work to get us unstuck. It was a 3 stooge’s moment, but I was so grateful she didn’t get it in her eyes. I thought the house was thoroughly baby-proofed, but I was wrong! I’m grateful for the happy outcome.”

2009 Craft Bloopers Winner

“A friend and I had organized a scrapbooking day to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. We called our event the ‘Crop for a Cure’. I was working on a small thank you card for one of our sponsors of the event. I had all the right papers, and stamps and inks, even embellishments. I was happily assembling each piece (between various event interruptions) and then came time to write my message inside the card. I was drawing each word out in a beautiful curly script. Each letter fell into place: ‘Thank You for Supporting the Cr…’ but then; the swirl of my ‘o’ in the word ‘crop’ turned down instead of up and suddenly I was thanking people not for their support of an enjoyable day of scrapbooking, but for a crass bodily function that apparently had mythical healing powers. My friends will never let me forget the day they attended the ‘Crap for a Cure’.”

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Contest deadline is July 31, 2011. Limited to three entries per person. Submitting a photo of the craft blooper is optional. The winner will receive a $100 CreateForLess e-gift certificate and be contacted individually via email. Some entries will be showcased on, our Think Crafts blog and Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Craft Bloopers Contest!

  1. Linda

    The goofiest thing I did was sewing some jammie bottoms together, sewed the leg seam wrong and made a lovely skirt with poochie things front and back. I carefully ripped it out, and then sewed it back together– the same way!

  2. One Sheep

    When I was in high school I made a shirt for a rock concert. As my friends were waiting to leave I was sewing the second sleeve on … upside down, sleeve’s underarm to shirt’s shoulder. OK, it’s a rock concert, I’ll just do the overhead fist pump for three hours straight and nobody will know. Fortunately my friends were too worried about their own embarassment and allowed me the few minutes to repair it.

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