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Congratulations to Allison who was randomly selected as our Free Stuff Friday winner and the Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Storage and the Door Knob Tips Holder.

Check out the Clover Zieman Tool line for many time and work saving ideas and tools. Stack N Store Bobbin Tower has 6 layers of bobbin holders, and each layer can hold 5 bobbins. There are 3 Green and 3 Yellow layers, and the layers can come apart if you want to travel with them. It is approximately 3.5″ x 2.75″.

Designed like a “do not disturb” sign to be hung on a door knob, this series of six sewing and quilting rule reminders gives you what you need to know in an instant! Display your Door Knob Tips and keep them handy! Sits conveniently on your work surface for quick and easy reading. Includes tips for Binding, Machine Piecing, Machine Quilting, Paper Piecing, Fusible Machine Applique, and Quilt Measurements.

Allison’s winning answer to “If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?” was…

“I would pay off all my debt and fix up my house the way I want it. Then I would save for my kids college and my retirement. Ok and I would probably take a pretty cool vacation.”

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